MCM 2019/T-99: Pax

And so, the countdown begins…

Got up at 0500 to run a five miler from Abberly Crest to NAS Patuxent River Gate 1 and back. Actually it’s five and a quarter. Corner to corner its 4.75, so somewhere along the stretch of road to Gate 1 is the actual 2.5 mile/halfway point. Never mind; it was humid out but I got in an 11:32 pace and was feeling good most of the way.

This week was not that great; I got in my two circuit cycle courses, but I had to do them in the afternoon because I slept in. I also took off the Wednesday morning run because of a slight twinge in my left ankle. Technically, I’m listening to my body…really, I’m getting kind of lazy.

Sooo…I am back to doing this blog every day from now through the Marine Corps Marathon. Aside from the normal MCM prep and training updates, I will toss in a nugget or two about my personal life.

Today’s nugget: I’m in Facebook jail for this weekend, or at least until sometime Saturday afternoon. Long story short, I posted a post about politics and race that got shared by two other people. The “friends” of one of the sharers (for lack of a better term) posted their responses on my thread.

Arguing on Facebook never produces winners or loser; it only becomes a matter of who can make somebody lose their temper. I made somebody lose their temper, and then I got way out of hand, to include visiting the thread of one of the “sharers.” I stopped posting just before midnight last night, but the ugliness continued on my thread up until about 1000 this morning, when FB officially shut me down.

Also, I’m back on the insulin, so I am going to attempt a very basic veto diet for the time being. I am also going to try REALLY REALLY HARD to get rid of the sweets and other junk food as well.

Song of the Day: U2/”Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me:” Rest in peace, Heath Ledger…

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