MCM 2019: DNF

Everything was okay-is on mile 8 of the attempted 16 mile Point Three Mills (sic) run. After rounding Shangri-La Drive and stopping into the Donut Connection for a pee break, I came out and started to run again. My legs felt like two big-ass sacks of flour; my get-up-and-go was all gone. This, after my periodic Gu and Mio water just after the eight-mile point, just before Naval Air Station Gate 2.

There was no pick-up or any kind of boost. I took a good look at the rolling hills of Great Mils Road and I knew that I had bitten off more than I could chew today. When I got to FDR Boulevard, I made a left turn onto it, slowed to a walk, hit the FINISH button on my MapMyRun app and called it a day. Better to shut it down about a mile from my house that to do so at Sheetz and hope for a nearby Uber driver.

I do have a McDonald’s app on my phone, so maybe I could have shut it down there? No, it doesn’t have my new debit card updated yet. **sigh**

By the time I was halfway home, I had to make some changes to my regimen:

  1. I need to re-assess and re-do my schedule. I was NOT ready for 16 miles today. Maybe 10. So next week is a 10-miler and I will have to re-plan from there. Probably NOT gonna be a marathon before the MCM this year.
  2. I am scrapping the Intermediate schedule for this year. Just not practical right now. Going back to circuit cycle and runs on alternating days.
  3. Not too sure I can bike to work five days a week and continue marathon training. I may have to break down and get a car within the next month or so.
  4. Long sleeves and full length running tights in July? Not necessarily the cause for today’s flameout, but maybe not that practical.

That Nestle’s Quik, tho’!

Song of the Day: Rob Dougan/”Clubbed to Death:” I am assuming that this pretty cool track from The Matrix OST has something to do with too much of the dance club life and not actually beating up any humans or animals.

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