MCM 2019: Solstice

To celebrate the 2019 summer solstice (aka the first day of Summer), I ran my iStore 4-miler in the early evening (6:30 p.m. step-off) sun. There was a cool breeze to cut the humidity, so I got away with wearing my fluorescent yellow long sleeve shirt and Brooks $100 running tights. My long sleeves meant I could save the Skin-So-Soft for my face and neck.

For this week’s short runs, I ran both of them using the Willow Road south to HWY-5 turnaround because that would be the opening and closing mile-and-a half for my Sunday run to St. Mary’s City. The goal was to get a fair start and not burn myself out trying to work the early gills, and have enough for a strong finish.

Tuesday: Glen Mary Farm Lane 4: Turning left onto HWY-4, there is a home/small business named Two Hens. I discovered that the owner/proprietor owns a small but very mean guard dog. The good news is that the dog is enclosed in an electric invisible fence, which is kind of popular with dog owners in St Mary’s County. That is a runner-friendly thing, because the invisible fence is the difference between the dog being a nuisance and a potential menace. Other than that, it was revile to run in a half hour, and no issues with the run.

Wednesday: 4×800 intervals. As I reached the downhill from Abberly Crest Apartments on my bike ride to NAS Patuxent River, I realized that I forgot my ball cap and Skin-So-Soft…even though I was up a half-hour before the run and had plenty of time to prep.

The Navy Physical Readiness Test Course, next to the Pax River Drill Hall gymnasium, is bordered by a fairly large wooded area on its frontstrecth. Courtesy of the prior night’s rainfall, there were puddles of standing water near the backstretch. My bare legs and long-sleeved arms were not bitten or stung, but I took a few no-see-ums around the crown of my head.

My routine for the 4x800s is: run one lap plus the 100 yard stretch to the next “finish sign” then walk around to the halfway point and cross over the athletic field back to the start/finish line. The first two laps were kind of awkward, so I alternated between the two start/finish lines; the second “finish” line I designated to be the beach seat after the curve, 100 yards from the second start/finish line. After finishing a lap-plus, I would just walk to the next S/F line.

Thursday: Circuit course. Nice to see other people getting up before first light to use the gym at the Abberly Crest Apex Pavillion. Also nice to see that no one cares if I have Fox and Friends First and FBN:AM on two of the three TVs while I work out.

Friday: iStore 4: Only two issues with today’s run. First I think I slowed down after the downhill from Abberly Crest as I reached the turnaround at the iStore storage facility. It sort of took away a chance at a third straight negative split as i closed the run. Also, my right patella was pinging me during the opening half-mile, and a certain thigh muscle is also pinging me now, about an hour after I finished the run.

//checks sunlight

//still light out, what about that?

Other than that I was please with the run. Tomorrow will be an early (?) circuit course, then shopping for supplies for the Sunday run (mostly GU energy packs and a replacement tube of Nuun tablets).

Song of the Day:

Sublime/”What I Got:” Oh, Bradley Nowell, the music world misses you so, so much.

Sting/”Desert Rose:” Was the video part of a commercial for Jaguar’s 1999/2000 luxury sedan? I think so. Also, Chen Mami (the guest vocalist) looks a little like peak Adam Sandler.

The D.O.C/”It’s Funky Enough:” I could have sworn it was on The N.W.A Legacy compilation album, but I guess not. Throat cancer robbed the D.O.C. of a promising career, but Dr. Dre gives him credit for starting his own solo career after the breakup of N.W.A.


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