MCM 2019: Thunder

I rode my bike this morning at 0740 in bright sunshine; nine hours later, I rode home in haste, eager to beat a thunderstorm scheduled to hit around 5:00 p.m. I caught a light sprinkling about a mile from my house, but otherwise I made it home dry and safe. Quarter after five, the heavens opened and brought a side of hail with the downpour.

So this week is going to be a challenge because of the rain. I usually get up at 0430 for a session starting at 0500. Weatherbug says it’s going to rain through Thursday night, with showers on Saturday night and Sunday night. Right now the thunderstorms are kicking up, and we have a Severe Thunderstorm Warning until 11:00 tonight. It should be clear to run around 0430-0500, but who knows?

I have been riding my bike to work and back since November of last year. If nothing else, it has at least help me keep on pace with last year. Maybe if I could ease up on the junk food I may actually be below 200 lbs. by the time I hit the starting line for the Marine Corps Marathon.

Last week was an easy week; I only logged twelve miles and did only two cycle sessions. I picked up the pace on my Friday and Sunday runs, and now I’m feeling better about my pace. Sunday will be the first test of my running strategy (easy on the first third of the run, getting a faster pace over the last two-thirds) because I am running to St. Mary’s City and back, a round trip of 13.1 miles. Most of the first four miles of the run will be the rolling hills toward Highway 5, then heading on an uphill on Point Lookout Road (also HWY-5) heading south towards St. Mary’s City. The halfway point of the run will be the opening quarter-mile stretch of the St. Mary’s City Turkey Trot 5K run, which I do every year to close my MCM training season. The climb from the HWY-5 intersection to Glen Mary Farm Lane will mark the last of the opening uphills for the Sunday run; coincidentally, I am running to GMF Lane tomorrow for my first run of the week.

I am hoping for a dry Wednesday morning because I have to run intervals at the Pax River PRT Course. Thursday and Saturday will be my strength/cucle days, and I still haven’t tried out the full-body workout for the intermediate training plan that I am on. Change is so hard.

Song of the Day (WARNING! Long-time readers of this blog may see repeats!)

From the boxed set of Compact Discs that I Bought and Haven’t Played In Years (because YouTube and iTunes and stuff…)

Vanessa-Mae/”I Feel Love:” The violinist renders an awesome and very danceable cover of the Donna Summer disco hit. She also did a cover of the rock instrumental “Hocus Pocus” from Focus. Sings and plays violin…top that, Taylor Swift!

Nazareth/”Holiday:” I picked this over their title track from their debut album because “Holiday” was the first video I ever saw of the band.

Blondie/”Heart of Glass:” Do any of these songs have “runner’s playlist” potential? probably not;depends on whom you ask. Anyway, this is probably the sexiest song that Blondie has ever done.





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