MCM 2019: Chapeau

Part of my running gear is a fluorescent white polyester running ball cap made by UnderArmour. I use it as a sun visor, a sweat guard, and to keep biters and stingers from the top of my skull. As I started down the hill from Abberly Crest Apartments, I realized that I forgot to wear it this morning. No, I wasn’t about to stop the run, go back and get my cap, and then re-start the run.

I just got done with the run under an hour ago, and I feel good, with the exception of a sore right thigh muscle. Not the same as the groin muscle that I strained almost a year ago. Time for some Icy Hot?

Other than that, this was a good run this morning. I got a fairly steady pace (11: 21) and got just a hair over six miles on the Superwillow Reverse 6. Did I need that extra quarter mile up Shangri-La Drive? By the way, I call it the Reverese 6 because I start the run going north to Shangri-La and back, then heading to Highway 5. I usually start from Great Meadow Lane to HWY-5 then back all the way up Willow Rd. to Shangri-La.

So…training week 3 is in the books. Time for some breakfast and Icy Hot.

Song of the Day: WARNING: Not necessarily “running playlist material.”

The Police/”De Do Do Do De Da Da Da:” Musically a week-done song, just turn your brain off with regards to the lyrics.

America/”Horse with No Name:” To paraphrase comedian/author Dave Barry “NAME THE FREAKIN’ HORSE!!!”

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