MCM 2019: Evening PT, Sports, Etc.


My last post was titled, “Afternoon PT” because I actually did my training sessions at 6:30p.m.-ish. Now the sun was still out when I finished at quarter after seven or so, but technically it could have been considered the evening.

And, yes, it was around 6:30 last evening when I ran my three-miler for the day. Two significant changes: first change was to the course, because I wanted to actually run three miles, not just slightly less. To do this, I extended the northern turnaround point to running the corners of the Shangri-La/Great Mills Road intersection, and the southern turnaround (to the finish) at just past the end of the grove of trees across from my apartment complex property.

Second change was to my running tempo. Rather than wait to the middle third to ‘turn on the gas,” I got off to a good start and concentrated on staying there. I went out at a good clip and managed to step it up as I ran. As I headed down Willow Road back to Abberly Crest for the last mile-plus, I was feeling good about how fast (sic) I was running. I did get my thee miles (3.05) and ended with a 10:57 pace. My splits: 11:27/10:52/10:34. Nice.

My lower right thigh is a little sore, so I am taking my scheduled day off, and hoping it heals enough for tomorrow’s six miler. Instead of the Zion 6 (Abberly Crest to Zion methodist Church and back), I am running the Superwillow 6 Reverse. The “Superwillow” has been my traditional merging of the HWY-5 loop (Green Meadow Lane entrance to Highway 5/Willow RD. intersection and back) and the Willow Rd to Shangri-La loops. This time, I am running out to Shangri-La, extending the run past the intersection through Shangri-La Drive, then returning all the way south through Willow Road to the HWY-5 intersection and coming straight back to the main Abberly Crest road. I had initially considered running past the HWY-5 up to Old Hermanville Road, but the second half of the run (Green Meadow Lane to HWY-5 and back) had enough rolling hills, and the course was a little too much over 6 miles.

Today’s “PT” is going to consist of a lunchtime bike ride to Popeye’s Chicken and back. I was going to try out the full-body routines offered on my Intermediate Course workouts (see “Strength Sessions”), but…naaah.


NBA/NHL Champs

The King is dead! Long live the King!

The Toronto Raptors earned their first NBA Finals title in their twenty-three year existence, beating Golden State 110-106 on Thursday night. Three of their four wins over the two-time defending champions were on the Warriors’ home floor. My takes:

  1. So much for Kevin Durant/Kyrie Irving/Zion Williamson joining forces on the New York Knicks. Durant’s Achilles tendon tear may throw a wrench into his plans to skip town after this year. Who is Kyrie planning to “buddy up” with now? Will Zion still go to the draft next week, with New Orleans holding the Number One Pick?
  2. Will Raptors President of Basketball Operations Masai Ujiri and one year free agent cum NBA Finals MVP (second award) stay in Toronto and build the next NBA dynasty, or will they go their separate ways and allegedly greener pastures?
  3. In regards to my beloved but estranged Chicago Bulls, this all means nothing. the Bulls are drafting 7th next week…for the third straight year. The latest draft boards all say Zion, Ja Morant, Zion’s teammate at Duke…and then a whole lot of projects and definite maybes, none with any chance at an NBA career past their rookie contracts.
  4. Free agency for the Bulls? Don’t make me laugh. Incompetent ownership and management? A high tax city in a high-tax state, whose governor and state legislature just voted for the biggest tax increase in the history of the State of Illinois? Twenty feet of snow and below freezing winters? A roster full of nobodies to build around coached by a retread/lifelong assistant coach? Nope.
  5. The NBA needs to seriously consider shortening the NBA regular season. Way too many injuries and fatigue impacting this year’s NBA Finals.

As for the newly crowned Saint Louis Blues, amazing that they started calendar year 2019 as the worst team in the NHL before calling up their stud goalie from the minor leagues. Only the National Hockey League goes out of its way to make being the regular season’s best team be so irrelevant.

Go. Black. Hawks. That is all.


Running, Pt 2

Sitting on my computer nook desk is a thirty-one (I guess?) year old set of gray running shorts with MARINES in bold gray and red trim running down both sides. The bottom crotch area is a mass of holes, such a mess that would not be fit to be posted on Facebook.

The head says,”Throw them away.” The head says, “Naaah, hold on to them!”

One of these days, I’m going to put them in the wash and they’re going to disintegrate.


How to Fix the Elite Soccer Clubs:

ESPN FC have spent the last month talking about how to fix CF Real Madrid, Manchester United, Bayerische Munchen, etc. after substandard domestic league and UEFA Champions league campaigns.

This is what I think their pundits should be saying:

  1. A Man with a Plan: Whomever will be the manager at should get three full seasons to Real/Man U/Bayern come next August, he needs to have an actual modern strategy and style of play than can score the most goals necessary and give up the fewest goals possible. It has to be effective, efficient, and pleasing to the eye (from the stands as well as the HD-TVs).
  2. Shaking Up the Rosters: A million Euros spent wisely is better than a billion Euros spent poorly. Find players that will best fit the manager’s plan, don’t just break the bank for the Hottest Player In Europe. Also, if your club is pouring a few million Euros into their player academy, maybe you should consider promoting them to the main roster.
  3. Long Term: Whomever is the current manager should get three full years to implement his system/style before looking for any major trophies. Teams will get hot and cold streaks, players will get worn out and/or injured, and players will need to step up. Football happens. Trophies are never won overnight.


Song of the Day:

I was going to write this blog entry last night, but fatigue and dinner set in. Rammstein is my SOTD focus, with “Sonne,” “Stripped,” and “Feuer Frei” on the playlist. “Sonne’s” lyrics, translated, are about boxing; this song was, according to legend, created as an “entrance theme” for a Russian boxer. “Stripped” is a cover of the original Depeche Mode song; singer Till Lindemann had to cut part of the chorus lyrics because he had trouble singing “let me see you stripped down to the bone.” Urban legend? Band myth? Not sure.

Feuer frei loosely translated means “fire away!” If you know anything about this band, you don’t need me to explain any more than that. Oh, and the band actually appeared in the Vin Diesel action classic XXX (Triple X).

Late add, thanks to 97.7 the Bay: B-52s/”Love Shack.”


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