MCM 2019:Afternoon PT

I wasted my lunchtime yesterday trying to return my rental car and ride my bicycle back to work (10 min. ride from Enterprise Rent-a-Car to work). Not wanting to eat my lunch in front of my supervisors, I settled for a lunch of three cans of Pepsi, a Snickers bar, and two small bags of Lay’s potato chips…all of this over a four hour period.

There was a 1.5 liter bottle of water interspersed with that, for what it’s worth.

Off work at 5:15, twenty-minute bike ride home (although sometimes it seems faster). Hour long to cool off and prep for my day’s workout of three mile run, followed by circuit course work.

6:00 p.m.: pre-workout “dinner” of Chobani black cherry yogurt, washed down with a 20 oz. SoBe LifeWater, fuji pear flavor. Start to stretch around 6:15 when I get a call from my sister about a medical emergency involving my brother. Long story short: he will live.

On the road about 6:35-ish with my smartphone set to my MapMyRun app. Because of my afternoon “junk food spree” and the bike ride home, I run at a slower pace than normal. Also anticipating the pending circuit cycle session, albeit with lighter weights. The run ends with me about nine-tenths of a mile short of three miles, and running at a 12:30 pace.

Tread back to the house to get my workout log and a towel, then head over to the Apex Clubhouse to work out at the facility there. One other guy working out, but our exercise routines don’t clash. Done in about twenty minutes.

I call this…a Tuesday.


Tomorrow will be back to the gym for another cycle, then another three miler Friday, sleeping in Saturday, then a six miler on Sunday. I think I will have to hit MMR’s course feature to re-measure my three and six mile courses. I need to re-do the Shangri-La 3 and do another six mile course; not sure I want to run to Zion Methodist Church again.


Song of the Day:

George Michael:”Too Funky:” I think I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: I hated Wham! with a passion. I loved Georeg Michael as a solo artist.

Genesis: “Land of Confusion:” If MTV never existed, or the British puppet sitcom Spitting Image, this would have still been a chart-topper forCollins/Banks/Rutherford in the 80s. Not sure how I feel about the cover by Disturbed.

Fleetwood Mac/”Gold Dust Woman:” Don’t let the laid-back tenor of the song fool you; there’s a switchblade somewhere under that lace…or is that lace just a pretty garrote? Sometimes I will find myself in the mood for the cover by Hole, the band led by Courtney Love. If we have to have a feminist version of A Clockwork Orange, though…I nominate the Mac’s version.

Elton John/”Rocket Man:” I do remember that the MCM/10K admins asked me to stop posting music videos because they weren’t really “runner’s playlist” type songs. I think I can see why. And I just figured out I screwed up the formatting for the SOTD. Never mind that, tho’: I picked out this particular version of “RM” because of the cover of “Honky Chateau, and the picture of a bearded Elton John, sporting a pair of sunglasses. Oh, Reginald Vardy…the places you will go and things you will wear on your way!

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