MCM 2019: Headwind

I was planning at getting up at 0400, but I got up early anyway. I did the lubing ritual of Skin-So-Soft body lotion as my insect repellent and Body Glide on my nipples and genital area to prevent chafing. I put on an OD green “Marines” tech shirt over an older tech shirt, and put on a set of $100 Brooks running tights that I bought at last year’s Marine Corps Marathon. Quick “breakfast” of Chobani black cherry yogurt and SoBe Life Water, fuji pear flavor. All ready to go, right?

Wrong. I left my FlipBelt at home, and ended up carrying my two eight ounce Mio waters and chocolate Gus in my mini-knapsack cum backpack. My Samsung smartphone fit snugly and securely in my right tights pocket, and the MapMyRun GPS accurately plotted my pace, distance and position through the polyester of my tights.

The run…well, I ran the Patuxent River 10 Mile Loop for the first time in over two years, but that was about it. My unexpected load management issue meant I spent time messing with the drawstrings on my knapsack, and ultimately I crossed them around my neck. After ten miles, they didn’t rub or chafe against my neck.

I think I started out way to slow, partly because I tried for the “negative splits” and conserving energy for a faster two-thirds of the run. Maybe I could also pin the knapsack issue to the slower pace. But what I believe the thing that “did me in” was the stiff headwinds I caught from the Chesapeake Bay at the 4-5 mile marks. I finally got the wind at my back just after getting on the bridge at Pearson Creek, but my “get-up-and-go” just got up and went. From the eight mile marker to the end it was just a long slug to the start/finish line at Drill Hall.

I wasn’t happy with my pace for today, but I will chalk it up to being early in the training cycle. This was also my first fully completed (six days out of six) training week in about three weeks, so I should be shaking off the rust from my “off-days.”

First double digit mileage of 2019 in the books. Yay.


Song of the Day:

“Hotel California” is playing on the radio, but I think I’ve done that one already. I think I already have a repeat with Styx/”Renegade”, which I already heard about 20 minutes ago. I think I already did Peter Gabriel/”Solsbury Hill” as well, but there’s something in the way that Peter Gabriel makes being a pariah such a happy thing to be.

Nelly Furtado: “Turn Out the Light”/“I’m Like a Bird:” First off…OMG, these songs are almost TWENTY YEARS OLD? Second, don’t know the chain of thought from my subconscious that made em think of her and these songs today, but damn! These songs are still so good after all this time.

Nelly was such a fun woman and a genuine free spirit when she dropped her Whoa, Nelly! album. I hope she’s doing alright, she is truly missed.

Go pond sand, Timbaland.

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