KFC: Overdue Month/Week In Review

Random thoughts from May and the week prior to this one (Capital Crescent):

First week in May, I was at home helping my sister move. Slept in until 0930, breakfast/brunch, then cleaning up and moving from 1030-1330 (1:30 PM). Late lunch, then run or go to the gym about 3:30-5:30 (including travel time). Six days, six workouts.

I got home from leave and I took too long getting out of “sleep-in mode.” The late flight home Sunday was marred by a chipped tooth, an extended layover, and the most expensive ride home in the history of Uber. But that was just Sunday; Monday I may have taken an alibi for that day, but I really have np excuse for the rest of the week.

Another “excuse” was transitioning into the Intermediate Training Plan for the Marine Corps Marathon. The significant changes: the full body exercise plan and exercises laid out in the plan, trading fartlek runs for interval runs, and running back to back Saturdays and Sundays. So far I have been swing-and-a-miss on the exercises, actually doing intervals the last two weeks, and have balked on the back-to-backs, swapping an exercise day for the shorter of the run days.

This Tuesday calls for a three-miler then immediately going in to the full body workout. We shall see what happens.


Although it is too early to be sweating the pace, this morning I may have been out of shape from the extended week-oof I took after I came back from Peoria. I have to come back strong this week…no more “off days” unless it’s because of an actual injury or medical problem.

The MapMyRun’s GPS got scrambled while running through the Dellacaria Tunnel, while I ran the Capital Crescent last week. I’m not sure if it’s because of my run pace or the GPS tracking, but MMR calls out the mile markers about a 200~400 feet before I actually pass the actual mile markers on the road. Other than the GPS scramble that confused the turnaround part of my Crescent run, MMR has worked fine. It has been tracking the elevations of everywhere I run and is posting my pace and splits.


Liverpool vs. Spurs redux:

New rule, FIFA: if the player is not kicking the ball to make a legitimate pass (the receiver must be within range) or a shot on goal, it is NOT NECESSARILY a penalty if it strikes a defender’s hand while said defender is in the 18-yard penalty box.

Nevertheless, Liverpool did survive Tottenham’s second half offensive surge. Allisson Becker  made some great saves, and Oekilie earned the goal that clinched the UEFA Champions League title for the Reds.

I would have preferred Ajax in the final, but it’s hard to deny a team that channeled Harry Houdini on its way to Madrid…

I think the souvenir DC United shirt that I bought at the DCU-San Jose game last Saturday was a size too small. It has only gotten smaller since I pulled it from the dryer this evening. Then again it was on the clearance racks, so it’s a matter of getting what you pay  for.


Next three long runs:  Zion 6, St. Mary’s City “half marathon,” meaning a 13.1 run, and Capital Crescent 14. There’s an actual half-marathon in those last two weeks, if I can find a race and travel funds…I also need to plan for a marathon the weekend of 21-22 September.

Song of the Day: This stuff is over a quarter century (TWENTY. FIVE. YEARS!!!) old. OMG…

From the MTV Party to Go compilation CD: DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince/“BOOM! Shake the Room!”Will Smith and his Fresh Princess Jada Pinkett Smith are happily married and their weird-ass offspring have grown up and flown from their Bel Air (I’m just guessing at this point) nest. I may be lying or not really knowing WTF is up with Will Smith right now, but I bet he could still cut a hip-hop record that would be better than 90% of the popular music scene today (and better than 100% of all the current hip-hop scene).

K7/”Come Baby Come:” The 90s produced a lot of great dance hits; sadly most of them were one-hit wonders. This is a pretty good jam, but I have no real info on this group. My cataract-infested eyes, even with 2>00 strength readers, can’t even read the liner notes on the CD jacket. Sorry.

Onyx/”Slam” and “Judgement Night:” I am picking the nu-metal/hip-hop version of “Slam” over the MTV-exclusive remix, because it goes better with their collaboration with Biohazard on their title track from the movie soundtrack. Be ye forewarned: “Judgenent Night” is one of the few songs that is Not Safe for Work. Still a damn good jam.

Oh, and Judgement Night is yet another movie I have not seen end-to-end. And I bought the OST CD and I only like three songs from the whole album.

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