MCM 2019: Strategy

My Week In Review/Month in Review is way overdue at this point, and I am so sorry. Just going to pick up with this morning’s run.

Recapping last year’s Marine Corps Marathon: I went out way too fast in the early third of the course, where the majority of the hills were. As a result, I hit the wall around Mile 17 and didn’t really pick up a second wind until I got out of Crystal City.

For this year, as I ran the Highway-5 3 miler this morning, I am adopting a new strategy: set up a workable pace for the first third of the run, then gradually push for a faster pace over the last two thirds. This course has some rolling hills, so i figured I could work on staying to keep a steady pace on the hills and still having enough to push for the finish.

Just after 0505 I started my run. I have decided to carry my smartphone, with its MapMyRun app, in my FlipBelt. I used to carry it in a shoulder holster, but my new Samsung phone is a little too big for the holster and there is the potential of it slipping out during a run. It was mostly overcast, but there was some sun and it was reasonably warm out.

Mile 1: 11:49. Didn’t go out too fast. Hill going downward then a climb just before Raneri Run neighborhood.

Mile 2: 11:38. Quarter mile after the school, a steep downhill to the turnaround point at HWY-5, then a steep climb back to the school and the two mile point. Focused on not trying too hard on the climb back up.

Mile 3: 11:01. One more hill towards the back entrance into Abberly Crest, then the last tenth of a mile climb towards the end. There is a street sign next to a stop sign that makes a near-perfect “finish chute,” which I run through before the final climb. I actually hit the three mile mark just after the “chute,” but a little extra mileage never hurt me.

So today I did get my “negative splits.” The next real test of my strategy will be Sunday morning when I run the NAS Patuxent River 10 Mile loop. The course is mostly flat, with a real nice view of the Chesapeake River on the 4-6 mile backstretch, and a slow rolling downhill followed by a fair climb at the Test Pilot School around Mile 8. I will also be taking the smartphone to see how well MMR’s GPS functions aboard a military installation.

//bathroom break

While taking my bathroom break, I was checking out my old MCM training folder from 2014. I was checking out maps for running trails in Reno, NV, as well as the running courses aboard Naval Air Station Patuxent River, MD. I took a good look at the 10 mile course and the half-marathon course, which uses most of the 10 mile loop. I was comparing the mile markers for the two courses. The half-marathon’s halfway point would be at Cedar Point at the northeastern corner of the base. That would be the 5 mile point of the 10 miler. The 8 mile marker would be the start of the curving downhill, and the bottom of the downhill would mark the 10 mile point of the half marathon.

The corner of Cedar Point Road and Tate Road (turning right at Tate) would mark 1.5 miles to go on the half marathon, or should I say the Triathlon Route, which is it’s proper name? Anyway, past Tate road and follow it to the Drill Hall driveway for the last half mile of the 10-miler.

Not sayin’…just sayin’…


Song of the Day (courtesy of 97.7 the Bay)

Phil Collins/”In the Air Tonight:” I think the “urban legend of this song was debunked by the Genesis lead singer/drummer a few years back.

Damn you, Paul Young (playing right now)! You made me forget the other song!

//checks current YouTube ‘personalized” playlist

Nine Inch Nails/”Only:” Frontman Trent Reznor singing about the painful breakup between him and his imaginary girlfriend. “She” probably found out how Trent and one-time touring mate Marylin Manson treated groupies.

Irene Cara/”What a Feeling:” To this day I have never seen the movie Flashdance end-to-end. I saw a brief profile on the dancer who did Jennifer Beals’ dance moves…young lady named Marine Jahan. I did watch the last three seasons of “The ‘L’ Word starring Mrs. Beals.

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