Memorial Day 2019

Week In Review:

An unqualified success, if I have to be honest about it.

This was supposed to be the week that I tried out a full week of the Intermediate marathon training schedule that I am doing for this year’s Marine Corps Marathon. I did run Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Sunday. Monday and Friday were 3.0 and 2.5 miles, respectively, successfully getting out of the rack at 0430 and on the road at 0500-ish.

Tuesday was proof-of-concept that I could get out of the rack and bike two miles/twenty minutes to the Pax River Drill Hall for PT. I did the 2×1600 intervals on the Navy Physical Readiness Test track. The track is about 700 meters long, with about 2 1/2 laps constituting a full mile/1600 meters. My intervals were one 1600, then a full lap walking, followed by another 1600, then a cooldown half-lap walk.

Saturday was the first day ever that I ran back-to-back days. After Friday’s 2.5, I did a six-miler to Zion United Methodist Church on south Three Notch Road. The goal was not to do a race pace run, but to finish…which I did.

The downside to last week was that I didn’t do any circuit course or strength training last week, so now I’m down two straight weeks without any strength training. I can’t keep doing that forever, so It’s back to the gym one way or another this week. The upside to that is that I weighed in at 212 this week. Progress?

Tomorrow for Memorial Day I will bike onto NAS and run my Ceremonial Run. I will run the Marine Physical Fitness Test course, or a variant of it that will not involve running into the officer’s quarters which encompass the PFT course that I did so long ago.


My life goal this weekend is making “sorbetto di blanco,” a “white” sorbet made of white grapes, Chines lychees, and pears. Yesterday I purchased an ice cream machine at Target, bad then I had to go all the way to Weis Supermarkets at the other end of town for the rock salt I needed for the machine. When you mention “rock salt” around here, people think of the stuff you spread around your driveway and sidewalk to melt the ice after the winter snows. I discovered that Morton Salt does make a brand of salt specifically for ice cream machines.

Now I have to find a way to crush Ice without making a mess all over the kitchen in the process. Baby steps, indeed.

I also want to make Dutch babies for breakfast tomorrow, but that may be pushing it. Already been shopping twice this weekend.

Song of the Day:

Guns N’ Roses/”You Could Be Mine:” A worthy F U to modern feminism, about 25 years before it’s time. The Use Your Illusion albums were peak G N’ R. Most of the original lineup has reformed, and my Marine friend/MCM partner Dave Lauck saw them in concert a couple of years ago (really good show!), but man…talk about your lightning in a bottle.

Akira OST/”Kaneda’s Theme:” A runner’s theme song if there ever was one. That original Japanese mange and the animated movie adaptation all by the same fellow. Lassera! Lassera! Lasse lasse lassera!!!

Ennio Morricone/”Ecstasy of the Gold:” The original song from The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly…remixed with a drum track. Then the remix plus the original song mixed together for a tribute to the Braking Bad TV series. Umm…hell yeah!

Tomoyasu Hotei/”Battle Without Honor or Humanity:” Gangsters going out to dinner (see Kill Bill Vol.I) never sounded so cool.

Jan Hammer/”Crockett’s Theme:” The original Miami Vice TV show went dark over  twenty-five years ago, but so much of the music that was its soundtrack still lives on. Now, originally I pu these SOTD compilations as a runner’s playlist, but you can’t tell me this would be a good song to run too. Why don’t we have a “Tubbs’ Theme?” No idea.

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