MCM 2019: Health

I spent the first half of last week recovering from a week’s vacation, then got sick in the dentist’s office last week and spent the rest of the week battling the common cold.

I got a temporary crown and a filling for the tooth right behind it, and in the process, my sinuses decided to drain. hello sickness.

Post script: I went back to the dentist for a cleaning and a checkup, and didn’t need anymore dental work. Little victories.

I did get up and run three miles this morning. There was a full moon, but the sun was already starting to peek out of the east. Good sign!

Sooo…this week will be a “transition week” before I start the full schedule next week. Tomorrow, weather permitting, I will head out to the half-mile gravel loop by the Drill Hall at NAS Patuxent River. Just two short 800 meter intervals…at race pace. My goal is to get them done in the morning so I can shower/change/get to work early. We’ll see. Hopefully the weather holds up tomorrow; it started sprinkling as I finished up the ride home.

Wednesday I’m going to try something new; the intermediate plan included a different set of exercises than the circuit course I have been working on. IT is suited towards more full body excericeses that just using machines to isolate a body part. More on that Wednesday; once again, we’ll see.

Song of the Day:

twenty one pilots/”Heathens:” One of the most interesting rhythm sections in popular music made this a good song long before DC Studios’ Suicide Squad movie.

Nine Inch Nails/”Wish:” Nothing really to do with running, it’s just that I wish I could get songs like this before I go out to work out or run at 0500.

Orgy/”Blue Monday:” See above.

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