MCM 2019: The Schedule

I have gotten so used to sleeping late that I did a lot of it this week, ignoring the 0430 alarm and sleeping in until 0600~0630. Aside from general laziness, today I had to visit the dentist to get a crown for the tooth that chipped while eating a piece of candy at the Charlotte, NC airport. Right now, I am recovering from the Novocain wearing off from my extended dental surgery (I also had to get a filling for the tooth right behind the chipped one) and whilst being vertical in the dental chair, my sinuses decided to drain. On top of my mouth being sore, now I have something of a cold. I also did not eat until 1230 this afternoon, courtesy of my 0800 dental appointment.

In short…not feeling too hot right now.

To take my mind off my general lousy feeling, I decided to confront the Intermediate Training Plan that I have been planning for this year’s marathon. A few changes I made from the prescribed plan, taking into account my current age and health:

1) NO I am not doing back to back short and long runs on Saturdays and Sundays. I switched the Saturday short runs with the Friday rest days.

2) I will ATTEMPT the prescribed strength sessions at least twice a week, maybe on the Saturday rest day.

3) NO I will not do strength sessions immediately after a run on a regular basis. I WILL ATTEMPT them at least twice on the schedule.

Basic weekly schedule:

Tuesday: Short run

Wednesday: Intervals. Looks like I will be doing these at NAS Patuxent River.

Thursday: Strength sessions or back to the circuit cycle if the sessions are too much to bear.

Friday: Short run, race pace.

Saturday: Planning to rest the day before the long run, but I may sneak in a strength session or circuit course.

Sunday: Long run. Easy for the first third, then increasing pace over the last two thirds.

Monday: Recovery

So, instead of alternating between the gym and the road six days a week, I’ll be running on the road and the track on consecutive days, followed by strength/circuit, then short run/rest (or not)/long run through the weekend.

This is a significant change from what I have been doing the last five years. I think that has been the “mental block” for me not getting back into the groove this week. Memorial Day officially marks 23 weeks (or exactly 5 months, or about 150 days) before this year’s Marine Corps Marathon, and I have not really been sure how I want to approach this year.

So, with the schedule adjusted to what I honestly believe I can do, and keystroked to a document in Microsoft Excel, I can start thinking about my immediate future.

I am going to write the rest of this week off, then attempt a sample schedule of the training plan next week. To wit:

Monday: Shangri La 3 mi.

Tuesday: Track check-out at Pax River Drill Hall. Pax River has two tracks, but neither of them are the standard 400-meter ovals. One is an asymmetrical loop that is a mile after two laps, and the other is a round, but not oval track. Will try to do two 800-meter runs or two 1600-meter runs, depending on the advertised distance (and how I feel that day).

Wednesday: At least one set of the strength sessions listed in the intermediate training plan.

Thursday: HWY-5 3-mi., at race pace (11-12 minute mile).

Friday: Rest day. If I’m feeling frisky, maybe a circuit course, or a set of the strength session, or maybe some elliptical or stationary bike. We’ll see.

Saturday: Zion 6-mi. I ran this course as a “check-out” run for my new pair of running shoes, purchased a mere week before the MCM last year.

Sunday: Recovery/evaluate/adjust the training plan.

Can’t wait to see what happens…

Lifestyle update: The Atari VCS builders made significant hardware changes to the original desing. The BIG one for me was when they removed the SD-card slot.

BAD. MOVE. The other two Atari 2600 emulators have SD cards and firmware that will let you download a special ROM loaded with over a thousand Atari 2600 games. Right now, the current Atari VCS is planning 100 classic Atari 2600 games. Unless the makes have something up their sleeves, this thing may be dead to me, and DOA for the people who actually funded the InDeGoGo effort.

Song of the Day: Okay, instead of ducking this, I’m going to list what I am currently listening to on YouTube.

Side note: YouTube has been getting somewhat greedy lately. I guess if you want YT working right with no interruptions to service (i.e. the “spin cycle” that I have been seeing lately while playing a string of videos), so I’m just going to list artists and title. No more hyperlinks, sorry.

BTW: these may be repeats:

Avicii feat. Gotye/Kimbra/”Levels That I Used to Know:” Mashup of Gotye’s “Somebody I Used to Know” and Avicii’s “Levels.” Several versions of this mashup, but this is the best because it features the complete vocals (G and K) from the song.

AWOLNATION/”Sail:” Check out Nanalew’s video of this excellent song.

Hozier/”Take Me to Church” and Chris Isaak/”Wicked Game:” Two very sexy songs. Love the piano and cellos on “Curch” and the guitar work on “Game.”

Gerald McCann/”Cry Little Sister” and Thomas Newman/”To The Shock of Miss Louise”. Two very different songs from the original soundtrack to the 80s hit The Lost Boys. “Cry” was all “vamps just wanna have sex,” and the children’s choir (“Thou shalt not fall/thou shalt no fear) was a beautiful touch. The extended version of “Miss Louise” is a grand circus organ instrumental; it was just background noise in the movie, but it’s a hell of an addition to the OST.

Faith No More/”Stripsearch:” “Eye…to eye…ohh,hoooo…” This is one of the more “laid back” tunes from the band. I remember being on the USS Belleau Wood in the summer of 1994, and their album Angel Dust got some serious play in our work center.


Rolling Stones/”It’s All Over Now”

REM/”Losing My Religion”

Beck vs. Avenged Sevenfold/”The Loser and the Harlot:” Mashup featuring music from “Loser” with vocals (including the opening howl) by Avenged Sevenfold.

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