MCM April-May 2019

I spent a wonderful Sunday morning with Apple’s MacKeeper tech support, trying to fix a problem with my six y/o iMac’s increasing slowness and sudden crashed on the Safari internet browser. What should have been a half-hour (at most) service call turned into a two-hour sales call from Kromtech, attempting to sell me three to five years for a glorified tech support service costing me about $1000 upfront.

I paid $1300 for my iMac six years ago. For what Kromtech wanted to charge me, I could have spent an extra $200 or so and just purchased a new iMac/Macbook/Mac tower and been done with it. Anyway, after two hours I just cut the conversation, since the tech guy/salesman wouldn’t take NO for an answer and just disconnect himself.

The above is just one of the reasons I’ve been ‘radio silent” for the past month. I have been in the marathon training grind, with a brief pause the Saturday before Easter and two unscheduled days off due to prepping for potluck at work (lame excuse).

I have spent about $150 on a work potluck and a going away party. The work party: $100 worth of salad, dressing and meats and cheeses for a charcuterie board. The going away: three sodas, two iced teas, a 24 pack of bottled water, and ice for two coolers. The majority of all of that is in my fridge or freshly thrown away this morning.

Which brings me to my weight and blood glucose, both of them way above normal. Two days after Easter, and the end of my “lenten” fast, I stepped on the scale and read 221 lbs. Either I was real fat to begin with or I didn’t “sacrifice” enough for Lent. I will need to adjust for between meal sweets and soft drinks when I get back from helping my sister move in to her new home this week.

I do plan on running and making the trips to the weight room while I am home. My sister’s new home is a stone’s throw from the old one, so my running trails will be virtually the same, give or take a few hundred yards/meters. And my MapMyRun app is updated on my new phone so I can start timing my runs again. There’s also good old Landmark health and Fitness Club, where I can take a short stroll and get my circuit course on.

I have been in something of a rut lately, and sometimes I have to workout after work instead of answering the 0430 reiville , but I have been training. I still need to make a decision on scheduling my training since I am already into May and I’m about six months out from the Marine Corps Marathon.

Speaking of which…I need to arrange a room sometime soon.

Okay, not quite an in-depth “story so far” after my month long absence, but I’m still here. My iMac was acting up again this morning, and YouTube has been a little biz-natch lately, so no Song of the Day today. When I get back, I need to take the iMac up to the closest Apple store I can find and get it “optimized”/overhauled/tuned-up/whatever.

See y’all in a week or so!

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