MCM 2019: Reiville

Leo Sayer and Madonna, back-to-back on 97.7 The Bay.

97.7 The Bay used to be 97.7 The Rocket before they explicably, and without announcement, fanfare, or even a fair warning to their audience, changed their format on Friday December 14, 2018. The Rocket was the only classic rock station with  decent signal in Southern Maryland; most of their classic rock has been sidelined with 70s disco, 80s pop rock, and similar BS.

To be fair, The Bay has their moments, but sometimes I think they’re scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Would love to see The Bay’s balance sheet since December.


Oh, right, that “training-for-a-marathon” thing.

Getting out of bed was a problem on Monday and Tuesday morning, so I had to settle for afternoon workouts in the gym (Monday) and on the road (Tuesday). I got up on time and made my gym workout on Wednesday and had no serious problems, and this morning’s three miler on HWY-5 south was actually a little faster than my first two runs.

One change to my workouts: I have started to work out at the Apex Clubhouse (the Apex) at Abberly Crest Apartments, where I live. The machines are a little newer and more modern than the Valley, where I have done most of my workouts since I got back in the saddle in February. More importantly, the televisions all work, so I can catch some Fox News while I grind.

Saturday I am going on my first competitive race of the year, running the Hospice of St. Mary’s 5K/10K in Leonardtown. I could have pre-paid by now and guaranteed myself one of their custom tech shirts; however, it’s for a good cause so I have no heartburn about paying an extra $5-$10.

The Hospice 5K is a nice way to open the running season. The course has some gently rolling hills, but nothing overly strenuous. It’s a good crowd, and they have an excellent post race spread. They don’t give out medals for 5Ks, but this race is good about letting you see your run time and pace after the race is over.

I haven’t really set a schedule for myself, it’s just alternating between the gym and the road right now. Still not sure about the intermediate training schedule that I pulled down last week. Running four days and sometimes five out of seven, including s short run and a long run on back to back days. Intervals? Strength and race pace short runs?

We’ll see…

Song of the Day:

Leo Sayer/”When I Need You:” **sigh** You know, when you get closer to 50 years old, and popular music sounds like so much crap nowadays, I guess you start to get attached to songs that were popular when you were much younger.

Madonna/”Frozen:” **sign** Madonna’s early offerings (“Borderline” and “Lucky Star”) got on my nerves; however, I can say that there are a handful of songs that I would stop and listen to. This song was a pleasant surprise when she dropped it back in 1998. Maybe the first time I really appreciated her voice. Loved the arrangements: strings, sparse guitars, exotic percussion.


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