Conditioning/Lifestyle 2019: Birthday

On Sunday I “celebrate” my forty-ninth trip around the sun. I plan to do so at a hotel in Washington DC, watching some March Madness with some exotic, expensive snacks from Whole Foods, before a nice dinner at Fogo do Chao, a Brazilian steakhouse in the Nation’s Capitol. Holy cow…they have BRUNCH?

A few notes from the week while I get ready for the Uber trip to DC:

  1. Three workout facilities at Abberly Crest Apartments: one is the Valley, located at the bottom of a hill in the complex. One I have named the Office, because it’s located in the apartment offices. The last I call the Apex because it’s located in the Apex Clubhouse, which is also home to a few banks of big-screen TVs, a pool area, two business offices, and a computer room. I moved my workouts to the Valley because the Office was being renovated. I stopped by the Office on Tuesday to see the progress of the renovations, and saw that the “closed” sign was gone. The Office got two new ellipticals and two Peloton’ type (but not Peloton-brand) spinning machines with most of the bells and whistles. Sadly, all the weight machines and free weights were removed for good, and the TV/kids room has been stripped down.
  2. I am not the only one using the Valley or the Apex for my workouts, even in the early morning. This morning, a fellow retired Marine was working one of the ellipticals, joining myself and the young lady who has been working out on the same M-W-F schedule that I am on. This means having to work around them if they have the free weights or any of the machines that I want to use. This also means I can’t turn the TV to Fox and Friends First to FBN:AM. I could just grab the remote and do whatever, but I follow the “first come, first served” rule as a courtesy.
  3. Although I paid about $60 more than I should have, I am officially registered for the Marine Corps Marathon in October. Rush Registration was easy, and I got my reservation with ten minutes to spare (ran from 12:00 to 12: 20 P.M on Tuesday). Next week is my last week for conditioning, and next Monday…I’m back on the road.
  4. Dates: 27 March-last shave before MCM. April 13- Hospice 5K. First full week of May-Intermediate Training Schedule begins. May 14-Leatherneck 5K. October 27-44th MCM.
  5. Ummm…room reservations? Especially now that I am running solo again this year???
  6. The Bradley Braves’ season is all done. There is a full-blown blog post I could do on this subject, but in short: Bradley is a mid-major school in a mid major conference. Like about 300 other Division I schools from coast to coast, everyone wants to be 2018 Maryland-Baltimore County, 2018 Loyola of Chicago, and eventually building up to what Gonzaga’s men’s basketball program has become over the last 25 years. Like I said, long story.
  7. Oh, look…the sun is out today. Now that spring is here, as of Wednesday, can we please get some warmer, drier weather?
  8. That being said, I am seeing a few people running out in the Patuxent River area. Shame on me for not being out on the road…I guess?
  9. On Not Shaving ‘Til MCM: Last year I spent about $60 on beard care products and my beard never came out like I wanted. Over Christmas, my sister bought me a 12oz. tub of Blue Magic Hair and Scalp Conditioner. Can’t wait to start rubbing that on my face every morning.

Song of the Day:

Alphaville/”Forever Young:“I actually liked this song way before Napoleon Dynamite. I saw a YouTube of the band playing this song live somewhere in Europe, in 2016. The lead singer looked like he hadn’t lost as much of his 80s luster.

Duran Duran/”Ordinary World:” The triumphant return of the musical idols from my misspent youth. They’re still making music with most of their original lineup (less Roger Taylor, and not the one from Queen), and I still have no idea what lead songwriter/singer Simon LeBon is talking about after all these years.

Divinyls/”I Touch Myself:”¬†Arousal. The only word I can think of to describe this song.


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