Conditioning 2019: Wednesday

Maryland 79, Belmont 77.

Michigan State 76, Bradley 65.

The Land of Lincoln and Maryland, my Maryland sent one team each to the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. The U of MD moves on, while my Bradley Braves go home.

Because of the workload at work, making more money this month, and no car to traipse on down to the local bar to watch the games, I’m not THAT into March Madness this year. I might adopt Maryland as a “team to follow,” but Bradley going home all but ended March Madness for me.

For the third consecutive Wednesday morning, I slept in instead of heading to the gym. Actually that was the second Wednesday out of the last three. After a long day at work followed by a 25 minute bike ride home, I made it to the gym within the hour and got my circuit course done.

Because I was so lazy yesterday morning, I didn’t get breakfast. I rode to work-late-on an empty stomach, so I had to break my Lenten “vow” of getting a meal and Starbucks from the on-site cafe at work.

On Sunday, I bought a pineapple from Giant Supermarket, wanting to try out the pineapple trick. Haven’t done it so far. Maybe this weekend?

Allegedly, I want to go spend the weekend in DC for my birthday. Technically, I haven’t even booked a hotel room, yet. Same for packing for the trip.

Song of the Day: Violent Femmes/”I Can Change:” Okay which came first: the potty mouthed Saddam Hussein version from South Park: The Movie, or this catchy tune by the Femmes? By the way, I want an extended version with some bluegrass banjos and fiddles for about three minutes…whom do I talk to about that?

DVDA/”What Would Brain Boitano Do?:” I totally forgot the first SOTD song, so I kept with the South Park: The Movie theme. Can’t believe South Park is still on TV after-what-twenty years?


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