Week In Review: Spring?

The calendar says that Winter is about 200 yards from the finish line (about two days). The thermometer says otherwise. Considering how close Spring is supposed to be, it has been a little cooler than it should be. Mostly gray skies this weekend and some showers at night.

Seventy-five days until summer?

Yesterday was my off-day and I have been lazy on Saturday and today. Saturday I got up at 0430, but with no work to go to, I kept pushing the start time out by a half hour until about 9:00, when i decided I needed to get my grocery shopping done. I didn’t get to the gym for my elliptical workout until 7:00 p.m., but I did get some “March Madness” while watching the first half of the Big East Conference Championship Game.

Today’s lame excuse? I needed to iron my pants for work because I forgot to take them to the cleaners this weekend, and I needed to wash the dishes so I could cook breakfast. I got to the gym at 6:25, put on “The Evening Edit w/Liz MacDonald (Fox Business Network)” and got my grind on for my circuit course. Just got back fifteen minutes ago.

I made it through my first week of my Lenten “sacrifice,” forgoing lunch and Starbuck’s at the on-site cafeteria where I work. I also need to stop eating after 8:30 at night and chug down some water instead. It MAY help bring my blood sugar down as well as hydrate me for the next morning’s workout.

Aside from changes in my diet, I guess I need to shop Amazon for a steadier supply of SoBe LifeWater. I can get four bottles for $5 at Giant supermarket, but can I get a bulk package for cheaper? Speaking of bulk, why didn’t I stop by BJs, the main bulk club-shopping supermarket in town? Because I just thought of it, that’s why.

//James Taylor on the radio? nope…putting on YouTube and the headphones…a Danzig mashup w/the Doors? Ah, yes…

Tomorrow is Rush Registration for the Marine Corps Marathon; starts at noon and lasts until all 7,000 berths are gone. Probably 20 minutes? Oh, and I have to register using my work computer…yummm.

First week of April I am back on the road, then I’m running the Hospice of Mary’s 5K on April 13. There is a church up the road that is also doing a 5K (Lexington Park Baptist Church), so I might schedule that one in as well. I will start the intermediate marathon schedule in May, and shift from a Monday thru Saturday schedule to a Tuesday thru Sunday schedule. I run that schedule because the Marine Corps Marathon is on a Sunday.

March will be the last month of the elliptical workouts, unless I work them in with the fartlek runs i run on the Thursdays on my training schedule. I will think about adding either weights to my workouts or cycles to my circuits this week. I may need to time my workouts and see how long it takes to do two circuits, then make that call.

Song of the Day: I picked these out on Saturday, with intent on doing my Week In Review yesterday. Oops.

Chicago/”If You Leave Me Now:” I am not a fan of the band whose full name was Chicago Transit Authority, nor do I have Peter Cetera on my playlist. However, this song is beautiful. Love the french horns and the acoustic guitar. Peter Cetera hit a songwriting and vocal high with this one. I did a liver version because I had to show you the band’s horn section at work.

Chicago/”Stay the Night:” I haven’t seen this video in over thirty years. Damn good song, and the video was a great big-ass turn on. Damn, Peter, you got your friends killed in a high speed chase for a woman? Seriously?

Royskopp/”It’s What I Want:” A trip down memory lane with EA Sports’ FIFA 10. So many nights burning way the hours while looking for a job, playing soccer on my PS2 and jamming to the soundtrack. I saw an album cover of what the band (duo) looks like, but the live version of the song sucked.

Metric/”Gold Guns Girls:” Oh so THAT’S what y’all look like. And they’re still playing together and touring! Who’d a thunk it? Another memorable track from FIFA 10. Man, they had to work for it in the video…running around the streets in early (late?) winter?



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