Conditioning 2019: Stimulant

Five days. Five trips to the Valley at Abberly Crest Apartment: four dark mornings and an early Thursday evening. Five workouts (three cycles, two ellipticals) in the books. Five good bike rides to work, and five better bike rides home. Also, five days without lunch in the on-site cafe and five days without Starbucks.

I have increased the weights on all my circuit course cycles and I am doing well on all of them. I am even sweating while I run through the second set of exercises. The two elliptical sessions were longer this week, with today’s session being somewhat lighter in the overall workload than the last two. I had a slight twinge in my lower back over Tuesday through Thursday, which kind of contributed to my sleeping in that morning and me postponing the session until after work.

In the distant past, I used to take supplements like B-vitamin complex and L-carnitine before my runs and trips to the gym. However, if I ate a little too much the night before, the first thing I would be stimulating would be my bowels. More than a few sessions were postponed by a half-hour due to time lost on the commode, getting rid of everything I ate last night.

Today I purchased a SoBe Energy drink, citrus flavor. It has the B-vitamins and ginseng, along with a fairly high sugar content. I remembered the impacts of stimulants to my insides because I spent much of the afternoon getting rid of my breakfast and lunch, rather than working. Thank God it was a Friday.

Two days until Selection Sunday and four until Registration Tuesday.

Song of the Day: Today’s selections are from Eurythmics, the English synth pop duo of vocalist Annie Lennox and instrumentalist Dave Stewart. It was good, even great while it lasted, but the breakup was somewhat bitter. Annie did have a noteworthy solo career.

“Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This:” The classic that introduced them to the world, back when MTV was Music Television. This was Annie’s first and last known “gender-bending,” as she appeared in the video with a short haircut and a three-piece suit. AS the years and the albums passed, the red hair became blond and her dress was more feminine.

“Here Comes the Rain Again:” The inspiration for today’s SOTD artist. Yes Eurythmics were a synth group but that is a string section in there. Sweet tune but there’s that video of Annie walking around barefoot at night while Dave is videotaping her. Creepy.

“Would I Lie To You?” A funky, Motown-inspired move away from their synth-pop roots. YouTube commenter note: Annie and Dave started out as part of a band called the Tourists.


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