Week in Review

One more week of conditioning in the books, despite two afternoon sessions being swapped for the morning sessions. This coming week will mark approximately one month since I’ve begun conditioning for the upcoming marathon training session. This will be my last week at the current light weights. Next week I will add on the weights and increase my time on the ellipticals to 47 minutes (45 minute exercise plus 2 minute cool- down).

Way to go, Puxnhatawney Phil! About a month ago, you said we would get spring six weeks early; instead it’s been mostly cold as hell with rain at least two days a week. Like I don’t have any less incentive to stay in bed. I want to run but I’m not sure about running in this cold-ass weather.

Stopping by Dick’s Sporting Goods yesterday on my weekly errands, I saw that they has a sale on tech shirts. I purchased two hunter’s orange Reebok tech tees for $15 apiece. There were some long sleeves in bright white that i could have purchased, but I hung fire on buying this for right now.

If I had planned this better, I would be at a Hilton Hotel somewhere in DC. I would be eating breakfast sandwiches and coffee from Starbucks, and wolfing down junk food from Whole Foods while watching European league soccer and the Opening Weekend of Major League Soccer’s Twenty-Third Season. Notables from the weekend:

  1. Tottenham 1-Arsenal 1. Didn’t watch this one, but I heard there was a penalty save in second-half stoppage time that preserved the draw for Tottenham.
  2. Everton 0-Liverpool 0. I missed the traditional singing of “You’ll Never Walk Alone.” Too bad because that was pretty much the only excitement from this one. A handfuls of blown chance by both sides and not much pressing for the late winner going into the second-half stoppage time.
  3. Los Angeles Galaxy 2-Chicago Fire 1. I missed the First Goal of the Season for my beloved Fire, but I did see Zlatan Ibrahimovich’s header for the win.
  4. Seattle 4, FC Cincinnati 1: Welcome to MLA, Cincy. Went to bed after the LA-Chi game even though I wanted to hike down to the Apex Clubhouse to watch it. Apex was too chilly and my apartment was warmer. So there.

ESPN has the Sunday doubleheader of DC United v. Atlanta United, then Los Angeles FC v. Sporting KC. I was tempted to buy tickets for the DC United game, since I live 90 minutes form DC, but the thought of sitting in open-air Audi Stadium in early March was not a good one. Atlanta and Sporting KC got big wins in the CONCACAF Champions’ League..so there’s that.

I am going down to the Apex to watch the doubleheader. If the place is in use, there are plenty of places and plenty of TVs available. Of course, there’s also Buffalo Wild Wings that is warm and has plenty of big-screen TVs, beer and dinner disguised as bar food.

Song of the Day: It’s soccer weekend (kinda) so these are my offerings:

The old English Premier League on Fox Sports Net theme song…if you can hear it

Kyo-“Contact:” This is from EA Sports’ FIFA 06 Game Soundtrack. I have no idea how FIFA selects the songs for their soccer games every year, but from what I’ve seen, they’ve done a good job.

Doves-“Black and White Town:” Oh, yeah…I used to like this song, too!


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