MCM 2019: Raise the Seat

Random notes from being two-thirds of the way through my current week of conditioning:

So, I remembered that if I raise the seat on my bicycle to where I can fully stretch and engage my legs when I pedal, it is a little easier for me to pedal. I noticed this on the road outside Gate 2 of NAS Patuxent River, which is a steady incline from the light to the gate. The ride home felt faster going home then going out this morning.

Update on my March Sadness Previews on Illinois: Bradley won back to back over Evansville and Valparaiso…YAY! Going into the final regular season game at Loyola-Chicago, they are the tail end Charlie of a four team 9-8 jam, and sitting seventh in the conference. They need to win at tied for first Loyola and hope the other 9-8 teams choke on it this weekend.

It took me a day and a half to mail out a piece of equipment from my workplace to Florida. Filling out paperwork I ultimately didn’t need, driving out to a shipping site I ultimately wouldn’t use…and using packing tape that needed WATER to activate the adhesive, instead of using ready-made packing tape like a reasonable human being. And this was packing tape from our OFFICE.

It looks like I will be the lone ranger for our Yuma Gang of Four again this year. One of my friends it setting me up with the room; I will change it to a single room when I get the reservation.

First road races of the year: Leatherneck 5K at NAS Pax River May 4th, and Hospice of St. Mary’s on April 14th.

I need to buy some new cookware this weekend, to include a new electric griddle, a new frying/sauté’ pan, and two saucepans to cook my Gordon Ramsay scrambled eggs, canned tamales, vegetables, and whatever else you can cook in a saucepan.

I had absolutely NO motivation to get out of bed Wednesday morning. I woke up to the 0430 alarm, gave myself the usual five minutes, then promptly went back to sleep. Woke back up at 0550, then 0645, then finally got out of bed to get ready for work at 0730. I borrowed a friend’s car to do my mailing errand, so I didn’t have to worry about riding to work on an empty stomach. I did get my workout in within an hour of getting home from work yesterday, though. Other than that, the workout cycle for this week has been pretty smooth. I wish this weather would warm up, though.

Two weeks ago I checked out prices for Hilton hotels on the HHonors app, and  most of the prices per night looked okay. Checked again Tuesday morning and the prices freakin’ DOUBLED! WTF?!? Is it Cherry Blossom weekend in DC or something?

Okay it’s time to do the Song of the Day because I’m not feeling Peter Cetera right now.

Phil Collins-“Take Me Home:” Because he don’t mind/because he don’t remember/just take, take him home. The former (?) Genesis lead singer/drummer plays this as an encore on his “Not Dead Yet” tour. Such an awesomely winsome song. By the way, Phil…if you’re not dead yet, will there be a Genesis reunion before you do leave this earthly vale?

Madness-“Our House:” First off, I am way overdue for getting my AdBlocker re-installed. Second, I have a bad feeling that this song is a retread, but so what? Third, I believe that Madness cut their teeth and made their bones as a ska band. I don’t hear anything “ska” about it, but that doesn’t make it any less fun. Nice to see an 80s band with a horn section AND strings!

“Something tells you that you’ve got to get away from it…”Be careful what you wish for bro’…

Billy Idol-“White Wedding:” Yep, probably another retread. But man…does this song have a whole “horror movie soundtrack’ feel about it? This video is 35 years old, but I still get jumpy about seeing a barbed-wire ring put around some woman’s finger.


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