MCM 2019: Day 5 of 6

So, I think I am back into the “Getting Up at 0430 for 0500 PT” routine. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were important because I was able to get up, get dressed, and make the stroll to the Valley for my elliptical-circuit-elliptical workouts, stroll back, cook and eat breakfast, then get ready for work in an acceptable timeframe.

Today was the circuit course workout. Since I am off work today, I took a little more time than usual getting prepped and enroute to the Valley. After completing the workout and getting back to the apartment, I took even way more time getting breakfast.

Even though I’m using lighter weights than normal, I’m sweating a little bit during my second set. I think that’s a good thing.

The snow, cold and rain have finally broken around the Patuxent River area. This morning it was in the high 30s, but bearable enough where I could leave my gloves and knit cap back ay the apartment. The weather is supposed to warm up next week. I hope so. I am riding to work on my bike and the cold doesn’t bother me that much, but I could use a break.

I never really noticed this since I have been running the course in the pre-dawn hours (especially when there was no moon and OMG sometimes it got SOOO dark!), but the northern end of Willows road has a steady incline for about a quarter mile from my house. I start my runs at the top of a hill, outside the main road leading into Abberly Crest Apartments. After a quick downhill, it flattens for a little bit outside the industrial park about a stone’s throw from Abberly Crest. From the industrial park, past the iStorage personal storage facility and just past the Lincoln housing complex is a slow and steady climb. I never really felt this when I run probably because I never see it at 0500; however, I do see it at about 0730 when I ride the bike.

So, between the morning conditioning and the bike rides to and from work, it is nice to get back in the swing of things.

On the dietary front, I really need to replace the sodas that I have with my lunch and supper meals. I used to buy SoBe Lifewater at 10 20 oz. bottles for $10. Does SoBe still make Lifewater? Does anybody still sell it? Worth a look this weekend…

Same time tomorrow (0500 for the last elliptical of the week)? We’ll see…

Song of the Day: This week of conditioning sponsored by U2! Specifically their album War:

“New Year’s Day:” I love how this songs deals with trying to find/maintain love during war. I love the piano solo and how it bridges the whole song. Even without the piano, this is simply rock at its best: strong guitar, a thumping but not overpowering rhythm section, and a heartfelt vocalist.

“Two Hearts Beat as One:” Did this one ever chart for U2? Should I care? Rock at its best, and the video doesn’t overthink the subject matter. U2 doing U2, and some kid (from the cover of War? No idea?) doing kid stuff. Don’t need more than that.



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