Week in Review: Trial Run

In less than seven hours, the 0430 alarm (which has been going off at that time since the spring of 2014) will go off. Tomorrow morning I will head down to the Valley and see how long it will take to walk to the Valley, put in two cycles of the circuit weight course, then walk back. I will be doing my workouts in the mornings starting this week, and this is what I want to do:

  1. Get up
  2. Walk (eventually jog?) to the Valley
  3. Circuit course
  4. Walk/jog back
  5. Breakfast
  6. Shower
  7. Off to work

I will have tomorrow off, so tomorrow will be a trial run. My goal is to be on the bike by no later than 7:30 AM for the 20 minute bike ride to work.

The circuit course will be all about rediscovering form and technique; however, I would also like to better track what I am doing on the elliptical. I want to start checking how many calories I’m burning and how easy or hard my random workout was for that day. Right now, I just want to start making my workouts on a regular basis; I will worry about progress with weight after the second week in March.

Random thought: During my DC trip to watch the Super Bowl, I found a Whole Foods supermarket. Purchased and later consumed the best bag of pork cracklins ever made. I think the brand is 4505. There are no Whole Foods here in Patuxent River, and the closest in a near two hour drive. My search through the regular and higher end groceries turned up nothing as of this Sunday morning. Oh, well.

Song of the Day:

Eagles-“Lyin’ Eyes.” This was what El Lay music was defined as; not quite country (or western), but a little too mellow to be called rock and roll. Right now the music world dearly misses Glenn Fry. He’s standing between twin legends on lead guitar (Joe Walsh and Don Felder) and happily plays and acoustic six-string…and that’s just how he wanted it.

Glenn Fry- You Belong to the City:” Suddenly, ten years later…Watching the video for this song as I wrap up this post. Say it with me Glenn: CROSSWALKS. Wasn’t writing with Don Henley anymore, but he still had the singer-songwriter touch. The sax solos are tres’ 80s.



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