MCM 2019: Grabasstic

President’s Day 2019 was an unorganized, grabasstic day off for me.

I went to bed about 0130 Monday morning, then promptly slept through my 0430 alarm. I woke back up at about ten after six, then kept fading in and out between taking naps, surfing YouTube, and contemplating breakfast (brunch?) while noshing on whatever was at hand.

At 1230 I got a pre-workout “brunch” consisting of one toasted cinnamon-raisin English muffin with peanut butter and a single cup of cofevfe with creamer and honey. About 1255 I moseyed on down to the Valley for my circuit course workout.

(yes the misspelling was intentional)

Today I did my first proper workout of the new year. Full-body stretch, including the Japanese ham sandwich, then two cycles of the circuit. Afterwards, I moseyed back to the apartment, noting that I had an approximate six-minute walk each way. I just helped the father of my new neighbor lug a mattress up to her apartment next door before I sat down to type.

It is almost 2:00 PM EST and I still haven’t had anything resembling a full meal; God alone knows what my blood sugar is right now.

Anyway the English FA Cup Round of 16 Match between Chelsea and Manchester United is just under an hour away so I will begin aggregating my junk food for that match. or maybe I’ll try something from Blue Wind Cafe on Uber Eats?

Tonight I need to go to bed at a proper time so I can do my elliptical workout and start properly logging the cardio type (elliptical, spinning, etc) work in. Also need to start gauging my workout-breakfast-prep for work routine.

Random thought: Tweaking the NBA All-Star Game

  1. Top twelve All-Star vote getters only; teams who are actively tanking and/or who have no realistic shot at the playoffs have not business being represented at the All-Star Game.
  2. Top two vote getters are Team Captains.
  3. Here’s where we take the NBA All-Star Game, and the NBA in general, “back to the playground.” Instead of a draft a week before the ASG, the two Team Captains pick sides RIGHT THERE ON THE COURT…just like on the playground, back in the day.
  4. Captains pick the starters first, then the bench.
  5. Instead of a four-quarter NBA regulation game, it’s a best-of-five, games to twenty-one format. Scoring stays the same, 2 points inside the arc, three from beyond it. If it’s tied at two games apiece, three-pointers are turned off for Game Five. Let the game be decided by actual skills and aggressiveness, not by just long-range shooting.
  6. Team Captains communicate with their respective coaches to make substitutions.

I’m not sayin’…I’m just sayin’…

Song of the Day: Cheech and Chong head up the SOTD playlist today. “Basketball Jones” is the Hot 100 Single, in “honor” of last night’s NBA All Star Game (which I didn’t watch, but made a suggestion about). “Mexican Americans,” written and sung by actual Hispanic comedian Cheech Marin decades before political correctness, is the snappy and short B-side.

Okay, YouTube took down the original “Basketball Jones” video, but they still got the clip for Mexican-Americans? Really? Seriously?

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