MCM 2019: The Bay

Notes from my second elliptical workout of the week:

Headed to the Valley at ten to six. The full moon was out, and the weather became much chillier than it had been this week. I had on my 2015 mock turtleneck and my running tights, but it still felt a bit nippy.

Two other guys working out on this early Saturday evening. One gentleman on the treadmill had CNN on. Great, the “I Hate Trump” channel. He later turned it to Fox News while I was ten minutes into the workout; at the nine-minute mark he finished his workout. I asked him for the remote and turned it to Fox Sports 2 and a replay of a german Bundesliga soccer match. the other gentleman, wearing a black and blue “Italia” hoodie, gave me a thumbs-up.

Standard elliptical workout settings: I am using a True brand elliptical. Setting my weight at 215 lbs., running a random workout for 32 minutes (30 minutes of exercise plus 2 minute cool down). Tonight’s workout was heavier than the Tuesday workout because I ended burning 565 calories…over 200 more than my last work out.

After finishing up the workout, I headed back to the room. The moon was out in force tonight, and I briefly contemplated getting up early and running a brief and brisk three miles. Probably not tonight, but maybe next time if the weather is warmer.

I am off tomorrow but back to the weights on President’s Day. Next week I will switch to working out at 0500 instead of waiting until I get home. Let’s see what happens.

Nice night for a drive to Arby’s…will the have the meats? I remember one Sunday night arriving at 8:00 PM and being told they had run out of food. That was under different and less competent management though.

Song of the Day: I have no idea how I got on this 70s soft rock kick (why thank you 97.7 the Bay!), but let’s hit it anyhow…

England Dan and John Ford Coley-“I’d Really Love to See You Tonight:”The late great Wolfman Jack is in the video, as they duo performs on Bert Sugarman’s Midnight Special. If either man could see what has happened to popular music and the music industry, they would break down and cry. Don’t ask me which musician is which, just enjoy this nice, mellow song. Dan and John also performed “Love is the Answer,” and for some reason I thought that Todd Rundgren did that song.

Little River Band-“Reminiscing:” Oh that opening electric piano…love it. I really think we need more of this type of music out there, to maybe get everybody to calm down over so much of the chaos going on in the world. LRB also did “Cool Change,”which I was kind of introduced to during our high school Phys. Ed class, as the cool down to our aerobics sessions.

Exile-“Kiss You All Over:” I blame “Happy Gilmore,” a cult classic of a movie and the prime of one Adam Sandler. I wonder if he can even try to make a movie, or even do stand-up comedy, without some identity group getting offended over something. Anyway, after seeing the song in the movie a couple of times, I actually checked out the song on YouTube, and I was hooked. Adam’s “cover” wasn’t too shabby either…

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