MCM 2019: Workout/EP

Wednesday was a forced night off, courtesy of the Miller Lite and margaritas I had at a friend’s going away party. Last night was lazy-ass night off because I got home from work, riding my bike and I couldn’t get up out of the chair to stroll down to the Valley gym at Abberly Crest Apartments.

So today, I got off work early and got home around 4:00 P.M. Once again, I took my sweet time getting to the Valley for my workout. I walked down to the gym at ten til’ six, and got there about six.

I did a full stretch-arms, back chest, legs, and groin, and not really a full Japanese ham sandwich. I worked out two cycles of the circuit course, going at 75~80% of my max weight from Monday night. My goal was to rediscover my technique and form, and to work up a little sweat with the lighter weights/faster reps. I may have rushed through my workout, or maybe because the machines were so close together, but i got done in about 20 minutes.

A few thoughts while walking back:

” Hey, this path back to my apartment would make a nice fartlek route when I start running again in the spring.”

“I’m going to need some serious time management real soon. I need to get up, do my workout, and get breakfast down so I’m not riding to work on an empty stomach.”

“I need to get a car sooner than later. The path to work has more inclines than I thought…not really easy on my legs like I thought it would be.”

“What’s for dinner? Pizza delivery? Gamble with Uber Eats again? Not really up for Healthy Choice tonight…”

Also, I’m finally getting some wear out of the running tights that I paid $100 each for at the MCM Expo last fall.



Okay it’s been awhile since I did this, so I’ve got a somewhat extended playlist for tonight:

Los Lobos-“La Bamba:” Taken from the soundtrack of the Richie Valens (Valenzuela) biopic of the same name. Do they still do soundtracks to movies anymore? Anyway, I like Los Lobos’ cover better than the original; there’s more there there, and the version with the Gypsy Kings gets you the mariachi guitars at the outro of the song. 97.7 the Bay has had this song in rotation the last couple of days.

Lou Diamond Phillips is HOW old?

Staind-“It’s Been Awhile:” The uncensored album has a bit more punch with the swearwords put in. “I cannot blame this on my father/he did the best he could for me.” Good song about picking up the pieces of  failed relationships.

Laid Back-“White Horse:” Not only white guys, but white guys from Norway! Which I just learned two nights ago when I went looking for this song for an undisclosed reason. The video was actually filmed at the Copenhagen Police HQ. Is the young miss part of the band? No? Damn shame. Also: did NOT know there was an actual guitar in the song.

Eagles-“Take It to the Limit:” You had one job, Randy Messner… you had only one gee-dee job. Sex, drugs, and money all for the taking…and when you quit over this song, the band cut you out of the royalties forever (unless they cut you back in sometime ago).

John Belushi-“Money:”Before he was Joliet Jake, he cut this number for the Animal House soundtrack. The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Cheap Trick…damn but he gives them all a run for his money! Was this ever released as a single?

Rome-“One Fire:” Retired Marine that I am, I like to find such videos on you tube. I got this song off a video about the Rhodesian Light Infantry; the song was playing as the men arrived at boot camp (in suit and tie, natch!) and progressed through their training. I believe the song is about a former Rhodesian citizen (soldier) lamenting the loss of his country to the dictator Mugabe…long story.

Art of Noise-“Beatbox:” My introduction to the Art of Noise, waaay back in 1985~6. I think. I have never seen a picture of the band members (current, former, or any point in between), but I’m sure a lot of black hip-hop dancers who jammed to this song in the 80s will be in for a surprise. I also have no idea how many total “diversions” there are to this song.



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