MCM 2019: Elliptical

Another rainy day, another day getting home later than anticipated, and another night getting to the gym late.

But I did get my first half-hour on the elliptical for 2019. Also, I got to actually wear one pair of the $100 running tights that I bought from the 2018 MCM Runner’s Expo. They were much warmer than the sweat pants that I wore last night.

No training tomorrow night: I have an early day at work tomorrow and there is a going away party at work tomorrow afternoon…and since I’m not driving home, I will have an extra beer or two before taking an Uber home.

Okay a short post because I’m writing this after 10:00 PM and I just finished dinner…but you do get a Song of the Day…Kelis’ “Caught Out There.” Loved the anger in that song, and I still can’t believe this was the same woman who sang “Milkshake” a few years later.

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