MCM 2019: Indoc

Suddenly, a week later…

I was late getting home from work, and my Uber ride to the cleaners started five minutes after I was due at “the gym.” As a result, I headed for my workout at 7:08 PM EST.

Tonight was late as far as me doing any kind of physical activity, so I decided that tonight would be an indoctrination run of my circuit weight training. My “indoc” was a single cycle of the circuit done at a “guesstimate” of how much weight I could handle for one 12 repetition set of the exercise. My goal for the conditioning phase is to start working lighter weights until I am comfortable, aiming for the smoothest and best form possible, them working towards heavier weights.

Since I have no car to take me to a gym out in town, I spent most of my workouts here at Abberly Crest Apartments, where I live. 90% of my gym work was done was done at the Main Office gym, which is located in the apartment HQ and renting office. The main office gym is closed for renovations (I guess), leaving me with two other alternatives. The Apex gym is located in the Apex Lounge Area. The Apex is a nice facility with a pool outside and a series of large flatscreen TVs inside, plus two meeting room spaces and a computer room. The gym was okay, but I didn’t like the cardio machines.

I settled for the facility which I will call “the Valley,” since that recreation house is at the bottom of the hill on Abberly Crest’s primary entrance road. The Valley is older than the Apex, but it’s still a nice place to hang out, watch some TV, and shoot some pool. The gym doesn’t have a shoulder press machine like the Main Office and the Apex, but I did like the cardio machines better. The Valley is also the longest walk of the three from my apartment; I’m guesstimating about seven minutes on a one-way hike.

I hit the Valley at 7:15, went through the single cycle and called it a night. Here are my exercises and the weights that I did:

  1. seated leg press                   100lbs/12 reps        start at 90
  2. seated chest press               80 lbs/12 reps         start at 70
  3. lat pulldown                        100 lbs/4 reps         too heavy! start at 70
  4. dumbbell shoulder press     (2×15 lbs)/10 reps   too heavy! start at 2×10
  5. leg extension                        90 lbs/12 reps        start at 80
  6. dumbbell bicep curl              (2×15 lbs)/12 reps   we’ll see
  7. leg curl                                    90 lbs/12 reps      start at 80
  8. abdominal crunch               100 lbs/12 reps     keep it there, fatty!

Right now, it’s all about getting back in the swing of things and getting back into a training routine. The  circuit is designed to work the whole body as much as possible, nut i want to put as much work into my legs as possible. I want to keep the ligaments and knees healthy and as injury-free as possible.

Since I have a long walk in the mornings, here is how I want to work out (at least until the Main Office opens up again):

  1. warm-up jog/light run to the Valley
  2. Stretch, including Japanese ham sandwich
  3. 2 cycles/8 exercises/12 reps
  4. cool-down jog back to the apartment

Right now, this is going to be a 45 minute evolution. Right now, logic says it’s better if I work out as early in the morning as possible. Hello, 0430 reveilles, hello breakfast at 0600 followed by 0645 shower.

Tomorrow: back to the elliptical. Yowza!

Song of the Day: Capital Cities, “Safe and Sound.” Yet another one of those songs that you hear on the radio a couple of times and then you spend an inordinate amount of trying to find out who sings it and what the song is called.

Saliva, “Ladies and Gentlemen.” I dream of a remix of this song with voice actor Frank Welker (Megatron from the original Transformers cartoon) doing the vocals.

Stabbing Westward, “Shame.” I don’t work out with a music player/headphones anymore, but if did, there would be a spot on the playlist for this one.

PS: If you are a follower and into exercise, fitness and/or running, I’m open to suggestions. TY in advance!

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