Post 201: “Mardi Gras”

My 200th post on this blog was about retro gaming, so I’ll make this one a little more adult…and more about running.

Or my lack of.

Next Sunday kicks off the last week of my running off-season. This will mean one lore week of junk food, sleeping through the 0430 alarm, and exercising only by bicycling to and from work. This is kind of a very low key “mardi gras,” with my Fat Tuesday being Super Bowl Sunday.

What I want to do is go to Washington DC and goof off for next weekend. One last round of overpriced hotel meals and the Capitol’s board of fare (SUNDAY BRUNCH!!!) Maybe go dancing Saturday night, for the first time in ages? I would like my Super Bowl Sunday to include a crowd of people to go with my beer and bar food. The last time I visited a Hooters in DC, the place was kind of ghetto, so maybe not. Perhaps I’ll stumble into a good sports bar on game day, maybe early enough to get a decent seat? Or maybe just chill in the hotel bar, or just say screw it and spend game day in the room with beer and take-out.

I am a proud Hilton Honors member, just past my tenth year with the chain. Hotel prices may be on the upswing from the pretty cheap rates of the last two weeks. I will probably have to rent a car for the weekend; not sure about Uber for the early Monday morning trip back to Patuxent River, and I need to be back at work by 0800.

Monday afternoon, or evening, on February the fourth…the work begins anew. Circuit weight training for a half hour (two cycles), alternating that with half hour on the elliptical. That will cover all of February. In March, depending on how I feel, I will bump up the circuit to four cycles, which is approximately an hour workout. The elliptical time will be up to forty-five minutes.

I will officially begin running on April 1. I would like to run the Marine Physical Fitness Course at the Patuxent River Navy Base, where I work. I may have to modify the course a bit, as the course runs through officer’s quarters. Technically it’s a private drive, and I’ve never had problems running there before or after I retired. We’ll see. There are two 5Ks that I participate in during April: the Leatherneck 5K and the Hospice of St. Mary’s 5K.

The first full week of May will kick off my marathon training. The intermediate training plan is about a month or so shorter than the beginner plan that I’ve been running for the last five years, So I will use the extra time between the end of that program and the MCM to run at least one full marathon and at least two half marathons. I will trade the elliptical for the road in April, and I will maintain the hour in the gym until September. After Labor Day, my gym time goes back to two cycles/half hour, and I will probably drop the gym about two weeks before the MCM.

Does all this sound familiar, with a little more detail? I think so.

Anyway, I have one more week of feeding my face, goofing off, and sleeping in. My interest in the game will be more about staying awake and remotely concerned throughout the game. Patriots or Rams? Don’t care; I’m still getting over the Bears’ loss in the Wild Card round.

Is Cody Parkey still on the roster? Why?

Song of the Day: I used to by compilation CDs back in the day. I have two of them by my iMac right now. Also, .38 Special’s “Caught Up in You” is playing and I think I already used it as a SOTD. My selections come from the Sedated in the Eighties CD…and sorry Kim Wilde but your cover of Keep Me Hangin’ On isn’t gonna make the cut, either.

The Romantics: What I Like About You: Guitar-driven; good riffs and a solid, but not fancy, solo. Diggin’ the harmonica. Good job by the drummer on lead vocals and pounding the skins.

Wall of Voodoo: Mexican Radio: Typical 80s one-hit wonder; everything in this song is so well put-together. The different instruments, Stan Ridgeway’s singing, the intermittent actual Mexican radio announcers.

I wish I was in Tijuana/eating barbecued iguana…magic.

The Fixx: Saved by Zero: The song your teacher sings when he/she catches you cheating in class and tears up your work…or so my sister once told me.


Tomorrow: Recipes and something exciting with PORK BELLIES!!!



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