Life 2019: Pork Belly

Menu for this weekend:


Breakfast/brunch (depending if I’m up after 0900): Scotch eggs wrapped in bacon on pan-fried sourdough bread (yes, you can cook bacon in the deep fryer. More to follow).

Dinner: DiGiorno pan pizza (because store bought frozen pizza is cheaper and sometimes better than delivery).


Breakfast/brunch: Pancakes with sausage

Dinner: Oven roasted pork belly

I went looking for a few minutes this afternoon and found a couple of easy, ingredient easy and amateur chef friendly recipes that can go from prep to dinner in about three hours. Looking to do that this weekend.

Probable blog topics this weekend:

Recipes for the single guy/amateur chef: Will probably include my debrief on my roast pork belly. Yum!

The Atari 2600eMachine showdown: Taking a closer look at my potential new Atari 2600 3.0, plus advice I got on buying a new flatscreen TV.

MCMPlan 2019: How I will train for the 2019 Marine Corps Marathon

Political lamentations: Guess?

The cold winter of Chicago sports 2019: Bulls and Bears lost and in last place and Cody @#$! Parkey.

Looking for a new/used car: See also: Political lamentations


No SOTD today, saving up for the weekend.



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