Life 2019: Flashback (update)

I posted about the newfangled Atari VCS in Arctic Blast 2019: Flashback. I went on the IndeGoGo website that’s hosting the AtariVCS online order campaign, and it’s going to take a miracle for this not to be vaporware.

  1. On the AtariVCS homepage, I tried to sign up for the waitlist and important product updates: “Something went wrong; please try again.” Tried again four times.
  2. IndeGoGo page for the VCS: Delivery Timeline not updated since May 2018. Uh-oh.
  3. Facebook page: Last updated September 2018.
  4. YouTube each for “atari vcs:” Top four videos and seven of the first eight are all opening fire on the VCS, saying IT’S A SCAM!!!

Atari needs to step up their PR game, step up their development cycle, step up their social media presence…like, RIGHT NOW.

This is not necessarily a life or death thing, just a nice-to-have thing. It also gives me something to blog about tonight.

Conditioning for the Marine Corps Marathon starts in eleven days (February 4th).

Song of the Day: Radiohead/“Pyramid Song.” Very melancholy, mode song. I like the 5/4 time signature, and how the piano drives the song. Love the video.

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