Arctic Blast 2019: Followers

According to the statistics on WordPress, my blog has thirty-nine followers.

Whether you’ve been here before or just joined the party…if you are one of those thirty-nine: THANK YOU!

I started this blog in 2014 as a way to record my progress for training for the Marine Corps Marathon. Since then it has been sporadic, based on how serious my training was (or wasn’t), and how much time/interest I had in posting.

For the record, yes I plan on running the MCM this year, and this will be my fifth in six years. Last year’s “theme” was SWEAR VENGEANCE, which was motivation for skipping the 2017 MCM. I started last year running two 5K (three mile) road races with SWEAR VENGEANCE written in black Sharpie over two pieces of duct tape, both attached to my 2017 runner’s mock turtleneck that MCM participants are issued. I ended last year with video of me ripping those pieces of tape off the turtleneck, having accomplished that mission.

Right now I am in offseason mode, and I plan to start back up training on the first week of February. My first month of conditioning will be six days a week. M/W/F: a half hour circuit weight course, doing two cycles of eight exercises to work the core, arms, and legs. Tu/Th/S: a half hour on the elliptical machine or similar equipment. I will be doing this through March, planning to go back on the road in April, maybe sooner if the weather is good.

If you are a regular runner, working the “Couch to 5K” program and looking for inspiration, a first time marathoner and/or first time Marine Corps Marathon participant, please feel free to roam through the archives and see what I’ve been doing to prepare for the MCM. Some websites to check out:

Official MCM Website:

Road races in your state (mine is set to Maryland but you pick any state, and month of the year) I use this to plan and plot running courses in my area. You can also download an app to track your runs. Be advised: the GPS tracking can be kinda funky.

Running pace calculator. MCM requires a 14 minute pace. See the official website for details.

TrailLink: Helps you find the best running trails in your area (or wherever you go).

My marathon training plan. For the record, I started my marathon training at the age of 44, four years after I retired from the Marine Corps. From the day I retired in 2010 to May of 2014, my level of running (let alone physical training) was somewhere between minimal and non existent. The training plan was a Godsend. I plan on using the intermediate plan this year, with hopes of running one full (26.2 mi.) and at least two half (13.1) marathons before the MCM in October.

If you are a Facebooker, there are plenty of MCM-related pages on FB. I belong to the Marine Corps Marathon and 10K Club. It’s a closed group, so you have to apply to join. Even though the moderators asked me to stop posting the blog and my music videos last summer, I still like the site because it’s a great runner’s network for advice and motivation for runners of all levels.

If you’re not necessarily a runner, I do try to post interesting things about my life in between training events. I posted this weekend because I checked my WordPress stats and saw that people had recently started checking out my blog. This being the weekend of the supposed Arctic Blast, and my travel plans for the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday weekend being stillborn, I decided to post a few lifestyle items this weekend.

So whether you’re a runner or just causing WordPress looking for something interesting…

“Hey, there… Wassup?”


Song of the Day: Green Day, “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life):” Something I try to have on loop while I peruse the archives of my blog.

PS: WordPress charges $100/year for the privilege of posting videos and other external content, so I have to hyperlink stuff (like my SOTDs). That’s why you see so many non-working video links in my archives.

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