MCM 2018: Coda

I started 2018 with the Leatherneck 5K at Naval Air Station Patuxent River, MD. I ended it this morning at the Thanksgiving 5K/Prediction 5K at Historic St. Mary’s City, MD.

Reiville at 0530 and breakfast thru 0700. Not the healthiest pre-run breakfast ever (fried eggs, bacon, cinnamon-raisin English muffins w/grape jelly), but I had a couple of hours before the run.

At 0715 I got dressed. I broke out the 2017 Marine Corps Marathon long-sleeve tee issued to participants. It still had the two pieces of duct tape marked “SWEAR VENGEANCE” the I didn’t take off after successfully completing this year’s MCM. I wore it like that for the Leatherneck 5K and the St. Mary’s Hospice 5K as a public statement of intent that I was going to run the MCM this year, after having to back out last year due to personal and financial issues. I also broke out the Brooks running tights that I purchased at this year’s Health and Fitness Expo. I paid for them expressly for cold mornings like this, so might as well start using them.

At 0735 I hit up Uber to see if anybody was up and about, and I got a ride to St. Mary’s City by a nice young lady named Shawna. I asked her to stop at a gas station for an ATM run, just in case i didn’t have enough cash for the entry fee. The ATM was running a health check on itself when I put in my card; never seen anything like that before.

Arrived at 0800, paid for my registration, and managed to get a well-fitting size 2X long-sleeve tee. I stretched, hung out with my friend Lisa (who kindly offered me a ride home after the run), and otherwise ogled the ladies while attempting to stay warm. At 0900, I formed up with everyone on the starting line and got a couple of selfies featuring some of the other runners. Just as the command “on your mark/get set/GO” was given, I set my MapMyRun app and took off.

Despite the three week layoff and the not-ready-for-prime-time breakfast (I DID get a banana before the run, though!) I did much better than I expected. My prediction guess was for 36:00 at a 12 minute pace; I finished with a time of 31-plus minutes. MMR had me at a finishing time of 31:58, which may be about 30 due to the usual smartphone start-stop process.

The run was a lot better than I expected, but I believe today was all about having a good time and celebrating the end of a good running season. The high point of the day was having Rich and Jeannette willingly trade one of their pies with me for a cinnamon-bun candle which I “won” at the post race raffle. By the time my ticket was picked, there was precious little “booty” for adults to take home, and the candle was the best of a skimpy lot. However, they were kind enough to trade a nice cherry pie (my choice between that and an apple pie) for my candle.

The kindness of strangers…God bless y’all real good Rich and Jeanette.

I actually thought my time would be in contention for the Prediction 5k and my 40-49 age group. Unfortunately, I forgot that the time had to be within a minute of your actual prediction. beating my predicted time was a nice surprise, but I wasn’t close enough to be in the hunt. Third place in my age group finished with 29 minutes. Oh, well…maybe next year.

The weather was cold, and I was thinking of putting my long-sleeve tee under my MCM shirt before the race. However, it wasn’t an issue, and to did warm up a touch after the race was over. My newish running shoes (Asics GT-1007) got another three miles to finish with 35 for the year and they felt good. A nice pre-race stretch insured I left St. Mary’s City needing no more medical attention than a good nap.

Lisa brought me home about half an hour ago, and now I’m wrapping up this blog for another year. It’s almost noon now, and I’m done for the day…and for 2018. My God…this was a good day.

We’ll meet again…don’t know where, don’t know when.

Song of the Day: MGMT’s “Electric Feel” was on Shawna’s Sirius XM feed on the last stretch before hitting the run site. I love that song because it make you want sex. Santana’s “Black Magic Woman” was the second song I discovered from the band; the first was “Hold On.” “Woman” had future guitarist Neal Schon as part of the group; methinks Neal leaned a few things from Carlos Santana? And 97.7 The Rocket just finished up with the sweet ditty “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.” That tune was written and released as a single in the 80s, but it had that classic 60s feel about it.

Time to post to Facebook and then nap time…//waves goodbye

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