MCM 2018: Outbrief

It is 0905 on Sunday morning as I write this.  I ran and finished the 43rd Marine Corps Marathon last Sunday, and I am slept in this Sunday. I don’t see much running on the schedule except to prepare for the St Mary’s Turkey Trot on November 17th.

So, with no more long distance running on the schedule, this is a good time to reflect on what I learned in this, my fourth full year of running since 2014. Last year, 2017, I didn’t run the marathon and therefore, didn’t train for anything, so last year doesn’t count.

  1. I don’t know the official/proper name for the yoga stretch known as the Japanese ham sandwich, but it was a great help to my pre- and post run stretching routine. Stretched out my back  the backs of my legs.
  2. In the aftermath of my groin injury, I added a groin stretch as well.
  3. Check the elevation changes before you run! If there are more elevation changes early, don’t work that part of the run so hard; you might not have anything left for the rest of the run.
  4. Need more bananas for pre-and post run nutrition. Also, more sodium. My legs kind of gave out on me at the MCM, and I took a lot longer to heal than I should have this year. Most of that was because I barely ate/drank anything of subsistence after the marathon, and thus my legs were still sore until Tuesday afternoon.
  5. Chocolate mile for the post-run routine! I don’t know the nutritious benefits, and maybe it’s just comfort food, but damn I loved gulping down some of the brown stuff!
  6. Epsom salt bath: good. Whirlpool: better…IF you can get one (Hilton Garden Inns, y’all).
  7. I am an overpronator with heavy emphasis on my right side. Based on the analysis, I purchased Brooks Ravenna 9s at the MCM Health and Fitness Expo this year. They will sit in reserve until next August.
  8. Head-up/eyes up on the uphills, work the limbs and stride on the downhills.
  9. Take time to re-start your smartphone for the MapMyRun app to reduce the possibility of the GPS cutting out during your run.
  10. Between adjusting your smartphone, the wrist holster, and starting/stopping the app, subtract about a minute from your final run time (or just check your wristwatch).

So what does the future hold? Probably some light exercise during the holidays, then maybe re-starting conditioning in February (but no later than March 1). I am going to start the Intermediate Six Month marathon training plan in April, with the intent of running a couple of half-marathons or maybe one full marathon before the MCM next year. Circuit course will be light to moderate weights (two cycles) in March and April, four cycles of moderate to progressively heavier weights May through August, maintenance in September and tapering off a month before the MCM in October.

Song of the Day: “Strange Brew”/Cream. Courtesy of MTVs’ Closet Classics video mini-block, this was my introduction to the supergroup of Eric Clapton on guitars, bassist Jack Bruce, and Ginger Baker pounding the skins. Eric Clapton made his name with the Yardbirds, but I need to find out how the rhythm section (Meesrs. Baker and Bruce) got their reputation so that Cream could be known as a “supergroup.”

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