MCM 2018:Finish

Five years ago, I was sitting in a room at the Residence Inn Arlington Rosslyn with Dave Lauck, Greg Meins, and Steve Sczwec, helping them celebrate completing the Marine Corps Marathon. Everybody rogered up for coming back next year. I voiced my desire to join them.

That was back in October 2013. A year later I completed my first MCM. A picture taken of me that day, compared with one taken a year earlier, showed me weighing about 50 lbs less.

Five years later, and I was the only one from our group to make it this year. Now, I’m used to training and running alone, but man, I really felt their absence when I made that 0600 walk to the MCM Runner’s Village and starting corrals. Yes, there is still something to be said for companionship, camaraderie, and espirit de corps.

It has now been more than thirty hours since I crossed the MCM finish line, ending my journey for 2018. Way back in March, I took two pieces of duct tape and wrote out the words SWEAR VENGEANCE. Those two pieces of tape went across the front of the 2017 MCM runner’s shirt that runners get when they pick up their bib at the Health and Fitness Expo. I have only worn that shirt when I have SWEAR VENGEANCE applied to the shirt, and only in actual races. I wore them to the Leatherneck 5K and the St. Mary’s Hospice 5K…and have not worn them since.

With no car of my own and renting a car being more expensive than it’s worth, I had to forgo a lot of public races and even training runs out of town (Indian Head Rail Trail and Mt Vernon Trail, for example). I did create a lot of courses around the Lexington Park area with MapMyRun’s online Create Course option.

I am slowly starting to recover from the soreness of yesterday. I’m glad I took today off. I know of people who have run the MCM, then had to catch a flight or drive out of town within 2~3 hours of finishing.And then there are those who go to work the very next day. How those brave souls manage to function…well, I can always ask on Facebook.

I purchased my new Asics Gel Contour 4=s two weeks ago and ran them for six miles last Thursday. I ran them for 26 yesterday. I took a look at my shoes and the heel wear ls a lot more than I expected after 32 miles. Not that I’m going to do a lot of running in the next thirty days.

So what does the future hold?

I’m done running for at least a week. Probably start doing 2~3 miles three times a week, at least two weeks before the St.Mary’s City Turkey Trot. After the Turkey Trot, I’m done until February or March.

A few changes for 2019:

  1. I might have to invest in a new anti-chafe spray for 20+ mile runs; I felt a bit of a rash down there while taking my epsom salt bath yesterday.
  2. Adding salt tabs/pickle juice or something to keep my calves and thighs from cramping during longer runs.
  3. Circuit course weight training: 2 cycles for conditioning February~March; 4 cycles April thru July; 2 cycles August thru September, and taper in October.
  4. Promoting myself to the Intermediate Six Month Training Plan next year.


Thank you to everybody who has been following and reading this blog for however long you’ve been here. I started this blog to keep myself honest about my commitment to training for the MCM every year, I can only hope somebody has picked up something useful, inspiring, or anything good along the way.

Life goes on, but the blog is done for the year.

“We’ll meet again/Don’t know where, don’t know when…”- Vera Lynn

“I’ve been one poor correspondent/And I’m too, too hard to find/But that doesn’t mean/You ain’t been on my mind.” -“Sister Golden Hair”/America

Song of the Day:”When Will I See You Again?”/The Three Degrees and “Na Na Na/Kiss Him Goodbye”/Steam.

Happy trails…

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