MCM 2018 Postscript

I went through my blog archive on WordPress and found a draft that I never actually wrote anything on, so here we go again.

I re-started this blog on July, 22, 2018. That was the day I found out that I had a pulled groin muscle that inhibited my right leg from running. I took a week off, bought a new pair of shoes, and got back on the road that Friday. The next Sunday, I ran the National Mall in Washington DC.

Since then, my right leg has been acting up again, about a week before the Marine Corps Marathon. Perhaps a week or two off and it will be better…I hope. MapMy Run has gotten a lot better at mapping my runs, although the GPS does drop out now and again on the longer ones. I didn’t use MMR for the last three weeks because I took forever to transfer the data from my old broken phone to my new one.

I didn’t train every day that I was scheduled, nor did I post a blog entry like I was supposed to..but I DID finish the job, made it to Arlington/Rosslyn, VA and finished the 2018 Marine Corps Marathon.

Vengeance sworn, vengeance served. Mission accomplished.

See you in 2019.

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