MCM 2018/T-Minus 4: Grocery?

Just about packed up…got all my clothes and running gear for the weekend, and now I have to go to Wal-Mart and get groceries for the weekend menu.

I would like to make my (in)famous chorizo and black bean chili, chock full of the delicious Mexican pork sausage and plenty of vegetables and served over a bed of rice. Just a matter of drawing up the grocery list and heading down to Wal-Mart. or I can wait until tomorrow and go shopping at the Safeway supermarket that’s catty-corner from the hotel.

I would also like to make an attempt at some form of deep fried tacos, using store bought or possibly home made tortillas. Not sure. Gonna run up a big grocery bill between tonight and tomorrow.

Quick itinerary for the weekend:


0500 shakeout run for my new shoes, attempting the Zion 6 tomorrow morning.

Haircut and maybe beard trim.

Grocery shopping.

Drive to the hotel.

Finish (?) grocery shopping



MCM Runner’s Expo (need to research MetroRail routes to the shuttle bus taking us to the Gaylord Center at National Harbor, MD)

Lunch in National Harbor


Marine Corps Museum, Quantico, VA




Also, run up cellphone bills calling family and friends.


Shop for Halloween costume on the way home.

Song of the Day: “Levels”/Avicii. I love this song. The longer the remix, the better. One of those songs where you thank God for YouTube and creative DJs.

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