MCM 2018/T-Minus 3: Shakedown

O, the lovely harvest moon o’er Maryland, my Maryland!

…and then it stopped being so romantic about a half mile from Zion United methodist Church.

I DID get to run my final MCM training run this morning under a full moon (little pleasures, y’all). My new shoes felt fine. However, at the aforementioned point during the run, my right thigh muscle started flaring up. It slowed my pace but didn’t stop me, unlike the groin muscle strain that took me out for a week this July. Stretching, cool down, epsom salt bath, and it still huts almost three hours later.

I will spend the weekend stretching it out and getting as much therapy as possible, but I do intend to run on Sunday. I wonder if the Marriott has a whirlpool…

I have a few things to research and a couple of errands I have to run before the drive to Arlington. I want to be on the road no later than 1:00 because traffic in the downtown DC area is INSANE. And it will be hella-bad because of the influx of people coming in this weekend, Marine Corps Marathon or not.

I would really like to take some time to reflect on…damn near anything this weekend. I have so much on my mind and a bit of a to-do list, so it may not be until bedtime before i really take stock of…everything and anything.

Man, it’s October 25th, only three days to go. Can’t believe I re-started this blog way back in June. Yet another year flies by.

Okay, it’s almost 20 after nine, and so much to do…see y’all on the flip side.

Song of the Day: “Emotional Rescue”/Rolling Stones. Okay, many of the SOTDs have little to nothing to do with running. They may not necessarily make up anybody’s running playlist. To be honest, I don’t even run with any sort of audio device; most of my running environments take place on or near roadways, so I really need to listen.

That being said, I love the slow and easy pace of this song, and Mick Jagger’s falsetto is perfect for this song. Good job by Mick with the monologue near the end of the tune.


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