MCM 2018/T-minus 5 (again!): Logistics

So, it’s 10:15 p.m. on Tuesday night, five days before the MCM (once again…I can’t count!). I didn’t necessarily need to pack tonight, but it would have been nice to have all my gear at least set out so I won’t have so much to do between now and the Thursday afternoon drive to Arlington.

This is what I plan to pack:


Day-Glo cap/Marine Corps logos Day-Glo tech shirt/under tech shirt/red USMC sweats/copper sports socks/Asics runners/smartphone shoulder holster/FlipBelt/6 Gu/20 oz. bottle of Mio water/Bodyglide/Skin-So-Soft/training log/1 Nuun tab for 20 oz bottle of water/throwaway sweats/compression socks


Marine Corps tracksuit/Marine Corps sweats/Marine Corps League shirt,cap, and jeans/2 polo shirts/2 jeans/underwear/sleeping t-shirts/sleeping long johns/zippered hoodie/umbrella


Chili recipe items/deep-fried taco recipe items/Dutch oven/frying pan


iMac/shower and shaving gear gear/beard electric razor

…and a bunch more stuff that I will suddenly need to pack and then end up leaving Lexington Park at 4:00 on Thursday afternoon…right into DC/MD/VA rush hour traffic…because I can be that stupid.

As of 10:30 p.m. I have maybe 5% of that stuff staged. Gonna be a long Wednesday night.

Oh, and I’m running my shakedown/breaking-in run for my new shoes on Thursday. Sweet.

Song of the Day:”Potholes in my Lawn”/De La Soul. The album that this song is from, Three Feet High and Rising, is twenty-nine years old. Holy cow, what happened to hip-hop? Spent a few minutes trying to look at the comics in the CD jacket; something of a challenge with cataracts and 1.75 readers. Man, everything about that song was tight: the sampling, the beats, the rhyming…nothing violent or degrading to women, just a good tune that people can relate to. Yeah…


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