MCM 2018/T-Minus 5: Steps

Last week started out good with a nice 8 mile run and ended with a sore right thigh that derailed my tapering for the Marine Corps Marathon. I am hoping that rest, a good epsom salt bath (one of these nights), and a new pair of shoes mean that I can focus more on the run and less on the pain come Sunday. I had a good 11:25 pace going through last Sunday, and I wanted to take my last few short runs easy and not worry about time.

Thursday night was my last session at the gym for this marathon training cycle; at this point, I have built up all the muscle/tendons/ligaments/knee cartilage that I’m going to get. Last night was a beautiful full moon, although it was cold as all get out; I would have enjoyed one last moonlit trot in the hour before dawn.

No roommates this week, and the deadline is tomorrow for my hotel reservations. Unless I can find a smaller room (HAHAHAHAHA!!!), I am going to pay through the nose. God be merciful to me, a lowly, stupid-ass sinner.

Yesterday I took a good, long look at my training log that I have maintained over the last four years. I keep it in an orange-covered notebook that I got from Elbit Aerospace (technically their Helicopter Systems, but Elbit maintains a displays presence where I live and work). This year was arguably the most disciplined I have been about running, based on the amount of log entries I have made. So many notes about all the places I have run, addresses of the hotels I stayed at and the sites where I ran. All the reps and weights on my three-times-a-week circuits courses. Taking yoga and other classes at the World Gym where I had a membership. Between the logbook and this blog i think I did an okay job of chronicling my annual journey to the Marine Corps Marathon.

I am multitasking now, playing YouTube and writing this blog while chatting with a Marine buddy, Dave Lauck. He is one of the quartet that goes up to the MCM for the last four years. The band has been broken up this year: Greg got promoted at the family business and has teenagers on his hands, and so does Steve. Dave took a breather from training this year. I was hoping that another marine buddy was going to show up, but he bailed as well. So it’s just me carrying the torch this year.

So, tomorrow will be a last shot at the hotel room, and tonight I need to reserve a rental car for the weekend…which I just did. I wonder if I could have gotten it cheaper had I made my reservation earlier…I’ll have to ask.

Song of the Day: “Renegade”/Styx, because sometimes I make my own trouble, most of it avoidable. I also like the undercurrent of “Atlantic City” by Bruce Springsteen. That opening verse about the Chicken Man getting blown up in Philly sets a darker tone than the song suggests.

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