MCM 2018/T-Minus 10:List

At home from work at 5:20, dressed to run at 5:30…

Out the door at 6:05…and finishing under the light (?) of the first quarter moon.

No MapMyRun (still!), no wristwatch or pedometer/chronograph tonight; just a steady run to work out the kink in my right thigh. My pre-run stretch was quick but thorough, focusing on my calves, hamstrings, and groin.

I made a decision tonight to keep the runs as flat as possible. This means that from here on out, nothing but North Willow Road from Abberly Crest to Shangri-La and back. My six miler for Sunday has changed from the Superwillow 6 (which isn’t even a full six miles, according to MMR) to the Zion 6. That course is the regular run to the street outside NAS Patuxent River Gate 2, but taking a right on Three Notch Road instead of the left. The three mile turnaround will be the Zion United Methodist Church. That will probably be the last run I make for time/pace.

This evening I thought about what I really want/need to buy at the MCM Runner’s Expo. My thoughts:

  1. Male runner’s tights (at least three pair, depending on price)
  2. Day-Goo/fluorescent, long sleeve tech shirt (2~3 pair), hooded if possible
  3. Cold weather gloves
  4. Maybe a coffee mug?

I think Friday (my day off) will be MCM Planning/Fix It day. Run will be a little earlier in the afternoon…maybe?

Song of the Day: I’m really running out of SOTDs at this point. Not like I’m trying to outdo the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack, but damn…

Okay. First is “Pause”/Run-DMC. The only song from their Back From Hell album that doesn’t drop a dozen f-bombs in the lyrics. Still loved this record though. Next is the US single version of “Mothers Talk” by Tears for Fears. Great sense of urgency, and the US single version is much better than the UK one. And because WMDM-FM, 97.7 The Rocket has such great timing, I’ll take “Rebel Yell” by the decidedly NOT a southern gentleman Billy Idol.

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