MCM 2018/T-minus-12: Trouble?

I think I overdid the runs on Friday and Sunday because I have a sore right thigh. Might need some Icy-Hot and a probable no-show for the circuit tomorrow.

I finally advertised my need for three roommates on MCM weekend; let’s see how long it takes me to get booted of the Marine Corps Marathon and 10K Page (probably on two strikes for posting too many videos and my blog). Staying off Facebook for the next 18 hours.

Got my smartphone activated and transferred my apps and contacts. Didn’t transfer all my old voicemails or my old pictures from my phone. The games continue.

…and I need to contact the MCM organizers about getting my bib sent to a different email address; the one I used-my old work email-is long gone.

Might need to “borrow against myself” for MCM Weekend…

Man I need to trim my beard.

Lastly, I need to think about a shopping list for cooking on MCM weekend. I would like to make my chorizo chili with a side of white rice. I also saw an awesome way to cook tacos, using beef filet and actual corn tortillas made with actual corn.

In fourteen more days, I’m going to have to confront life again. The less said the better.

Song of the Day: “Trouble”/Lindsey Buckingham. The Fleetwood Mac guitarist gets me so well today. I saw a recent picture of him after he politely told his Mac mates that he wasn’t going to join them on their latest tour. He looked so ready for his “golden years.”

“Golden Years”/David Bowie. Speaking of…


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