MCM 2018/T-minus13:Cocoa

Standard Sunday run procedure, with a few exceptions:

  1. No MapMyRun this morning because I still haven’t transferred all my stuff onto my new cellphone.
  2. Only a bowl of Chobani black cherry because I got up at 0400 needing to take a No.2.

A lot cooler than normal this morning. Note to self: need to get fluorescent long sleeve tech shirts for autumn/inclement weather running. Also, very dark and quiet. The usual crickets and other forests stuff were dead silent as I made my way down South Willows Road this morning.

Only problem I had with the run this morning is a sore quad or other muscle in my upper right leg. Probably nothing that some Icy-Hot and a day off can fix. Other than that, the pain was manageable as I rolled down South Willows Rd. to HWY-5 South, towards the Sheetz gas station and up and down the rolling Great Mills Road for about three miles. When I saw the sign for the Mr. Tire at the corner of Shangri-La and Great Mills Rd., I knew I was almost home.

Started in the dark (0500-ish) and finished in the dark (0630-ish). Another day, another 11:25 pace. Good times.

So much to do this Sunday, so I will finish my hot chocolate and close the blog for today.

Song of the Day: “Immigrant Song”/Led Zeppelin.

//opening yell

“On we sweep with/Our threshing oar/Our only goal is/The western shore!”

Nuff said.

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