MCM 2018/T-minus 15: Seventy

…as in 70 degrees on the thermometer in my rental car as I headed home at 5 ’til 4 this afternoon. Nice weather for an afternoon run.

Home at 4:15, stretching at 4;50, on the road at 5:00; iStorage 4-miler. Just got back over 20 minutes ago.

Approximate 1 mile mark: 10:10??? Normally I’m going at an 11-something pace. Had only the wristwatch today and I always start it before I run. I also remember the one-mile mark from my MapMyRun route planning feature. Hit the three mile mark at 32:40 and finished at 43:30. Whoa…somebody’s at at sub-11 pace (10:53 to be exact). Can’t wait for MCM day, much less the Sunday 8-miler.

Random notes on this early Friday evening:

Technically, I got my replacement smartphone within 24 hours; I would have had it in my hands sooner if I had stopped by there apartment office the next day. Getting my phone transferred took two different computers (at home and at work), two worthless calls to Sprint, and a trip to the local Sprint store. I STILL need to transfer my data to my new phone, which means downloading the app to two different phones via Wi-Fi (which I don’t have in my apartment) and hooking them up together via USB cable…however long that will take.

I guess I’ll buy some new shoes…big toe is starting to poke thru the hole.

Apartment house needs work: issue between my dishwasher and the garbage disposal, and my master bathroom bathtub has a slow drain.

Aside from still needing to put the word out about my need for roommates, NOW I need to contact the MCM organizers about my bib; I registered with my old work email…which I no longer have.

MCM weekend is gonna be hella expensive…need to make a move and borrow money from myself.

But that 10:53 pace, tho’!!!

Song of the Day:”Once in a Lifetime”/Talking Heads. That video helped make MTV. David Byrne’s…eclectic “dance moves,” Tina Weymouth’s bass groove driving the song, Byrne’s sermon and the backing vocals on the chorus…damn, what a song. I miss MTV.

“Heathens”/Twenty-one Pilots. Best thing I could find on “My Mix” on YouTube. I should probably look into these guys more, especially since I also like “Stressed Out.”

OBTW: I took last night off, and other than the rain for the half-hour fartlek, I have no real excuse.

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