MCM 2018/T-minus 17: Jog

Well, not exactly a jog today. I set out my run clothes for this afternoon’s three miler, but didn’t set up anything to carry my smartphone for my MapMyRun app.

Difference between running in the morning and running in the afternoon: more traffic and warmer temperatures in the afternoon, although the summer’s humidity is just about gone. Still a pleasant day to run.

Today I went about 75% of my normal pace since I didn’t have anything to keep time or distance with. No pedometer/chronometer (which I haven’t used in about a month), no smartphone with MMR, and no wristwatch. Just a nice easy three miles at a comfortable pace.

I never run with headphones/iPod with music, books or anything, First, 90% of my runs are on public roads, so I need to be aware of any vehicles…especially from my rear. Second, I like hearing the ambient sounds of the world. Even when there’s no moon, I like the early morning runs where I can listen to the sounds of the forest…the crickets, the breeze, any stray animals nearby…stuff like that. Lastly, I have enough junk when I’m running, so I try to carry only what I need as comfortably as I can.

I went and did the “lunchtime poll” on the Marine Corps Marathon and 10K Page on Facebook. I asked if I should buy new running shoes because of the hole in my left toe of the shoe. Most people said yes, that if I stayed with the same model of shoe I would have plenty of time to break them in. I posted a picture of the shoe tonight to see if the opinion still held.

I am behind on a few things (LIKE FINDING ROOMMATES FOR MCM WEEKEND!!!), so maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to do something? So much to do and only so many hours in the day.

One of “roommate candidates” is not likely to be running the MCM this year. His knee issues are cutting it too fine, and they’re flaring up two miles into his runs. My other “candidate” is a female who is our Adjutant in out local Marine Corps League detachment. Asking her, even via email, is kinda sketchy. Wish me luck.

Song of the Day: “Only Time Will Tell”/”Heat of the Moment”/”Don’t Cry”, all by Asia. They were a “supergroup” formed from other popular bands, but honestly I don’t know which bands they were all in. However, their pedigree really does show in all of these songs. I love the rhythm and the kettledrums in “Time”, but I wish they hadn’t switched the guitar solo and the keyboard solo. Also…COWBELL!!! The lyrics in “heat” are really good storytelling (digging the “jilted lover” vibe”). “Cry” was their last major hit, and it sounded so powerful; guitar solos, the rhythm section backing up everything…the harmonies on the vocals.

Sadness: finding out on the comments section of the YouTube video that one of the members passed away a few years ago. 😦

Good night, John Wetton, wherever you are…

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