MCM 2018/T-minus 18:Procrastinate

“I also don’t want to procrastinate and have to head to the gym or run just before sunset.”

Who has two thumbs, slept in this morning, got home from work at 5:10 p.m. and planned to go to the gym no later than 5:45…and ended up going at 7:15?


So, tomorrow I guess I’ll start looking for roommates for MCM weekend? I know of one guy at work who may or may not be running (or even going) due to some recent health problems (knee) and one female friend who will be running and will have some friends also going. A couple of leads…

I have hole in my left shoe…top of the toe, not in the soles. These shoes are real comfortable and broken in and I’m not up to buying shoes and breaking them in with less than two weeks before the MCM.

I remember my senior year of cross country I bought the cheapest pair of running shoes. They were toast before the end of the season…worn out toes, soles run flat…my shoes were more hurting than I ever was. Not that I expected to make varsity, with the poor training I had done that summer (career JV, baby!) but damn, I could have made it lookalike I was trying.

So…here I am thirty one years after that final season of cross country. I believe I’m a more disciplined and more goal oriented runner than I was a long time ago. My mile time has gotten MUCH worse since then-I couldn’t even pass a Marine Physical Fitness Test now-but I’m a better runner now than I was back in the day.

It wasn’t necessarily the shoes, but a sturdier pair does help.

Song of the Day: I was a closet Duran Duran fan back in the day. I listened to every song of every one of their first five albums: Duran Duran, Rio, Seven and the Ragged Tiger, Notorious, and Big Thing.

I’m gonna go for their instrumentals tonight: “Tel Aviv” from their eponymous debut; “Tiger Tiger” from Seven, and “Lake Shore Driving”, which closed out Big Thing.

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