MCM 2018/T-Minus 19:Taper

Three runs last week, average pace 11:24 per mile. Three trips to the gym, and a fartlek session done the day before the long run. No problem.

I could still stand to lose a few pounds, and I could use and earlier bedtime, but it if ain’t broke, don’t fix it. As long as I hit the starting line at the Marine Corps Marathon in one piece, i think this could be a good run this year.

Only fly in the ointment: I have a two room suite at the Marriott Residence Inn in Rosslyn, VA…but I still haven’t got around to looking for roommates. My usual Marine posse from my MCAS Yuma days all declined the MCM this year, and I’m looking at a $1700 hotel bill right now (arriving Thursday, leaving Monday).

Tomorrow is circuit course day, but it won’t be the four cycle. Just two cycles, and at a lighter set of weights. Do I want to still get up at 0430 to lift, or sleep in and start lifting in the afternoons? Same question with the runs, now the distances will be shorter. I could always use a little more sleep, but I don’t want the day’s workout hanging over my head; I also don’t want to procrastinate and have to head to the gym or run just before sunset.

Decisions, decisions.

So…two more weeks of light training, a final six mile run, and one more ceremonial run before the MCM. I would like to run the Marine Physical Fitness Test course at NAS Patuxent River as the “ceremonial” final training run on the Thursday morning before the MCM, but that depends on how I get on base. I am currently…between cars.

Meanwhile, the annual Army Ten Miler was held yesterday. If I had one regret this year, it’s that I didn’t do as many out of town runs as I would like. Running alone and running with people are two different things, and I haven’t run in a “road race’ since April. Perhaps next year when i finish sorting out my finances I can start running in races like the A-10, and the Air Force/Navy Half marathon, both are which in the MCM area of the DC Triangle (DC/Virginia/Maryland).

All that being said, what I got is what I got, and that’s good enough.

I hope…

Song of the Day: “Year of the Cat” and “Time Passages” by Al Stewart. This was stuff I listened to when I was a little kid, then made fun of well into my teens and twenties, and then started to appreciate in the late thirties. I wish I had a little more background on the SOTDs, but I really like his voice; he reminds me of a good friend or two that I haven’t seen in years. The lyrics and music arrangement are so 1970s…they just don’t make them like that anymore.

Oh, and I think Al Stewart can whup Ed Sheehan’s ass.

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