MCM 2018/T-minus 20: Fast

New moon gave off no moonlight at all. At least it was calm, clear, and dry.

At ten ’til five this morning I settled on the Southern Loop 10, my original choice for my ten mile run this morning. I decided that today was all about setting and maintaining a good pace, and not necessarily pushing myself on the hills (Little Face 10) or paying a visit to NAS Patuxent River (Drill Hall 10).

Up at 0400. Breakfast, dress, stretch, and out the door at 0455. I set my MapMyRun app and started my wristwatch and I took off, a little faster than normal. I wanted to see what kind of pace i could set, and how long I could maintain it.

I could hear MMR sounding off on my smartphone; there were times when I was hitting an 11:10 pace or just under. With the exceptions of the four mile mark (water break plus aborted bathroom break) and the eight mile (water break), I hit an 11: 20 pace or better. Around mile six, however, my hamstrings were starting to feel the strain so I had to dial back my pace a bit.

This being my last double-digit run before the Marathon, the run went really well. MMR loaded my pre-set course and had no issues with the GPS tracking my run. Cool-down walk, compression socks, sweat bottoms and chocolate milk all helped the post-run process.

…and that’s about it. The long runs are over, and now I begin cutting back on mileage and weights until the Marine Corps Marathon on October 27. Two scraped knees, no real diet or sleep regimen, and I’m still clocking an 11:25 pace. MCM 2018 is gonna be a good day.

Song of the Day: “Rubberband Man”/Spinners. Excellent R n’ B classic from the 70s. I discovered this song on Christmas Day 1975 and I’ve been jamming to it ever since. Man, this song has everything: horns and strings arrangements, a thumping rhythm, and good lyrics and singing.

“Black Water”/The Doobie Brothers. Yet another fun song from the distant past. I loved the vocal back and forth play near the climax of the song.

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