MCM 2018/T-Minus 21:Option

Getting ready for bed in about 20 minutes or so. Still not sure about where I want to run tomorrow.

Option 1: Southern Loop 10. South Willow Rd. to HWY-5 N/Point Lookout Rd, PLR to Park Hill Rd., to Three Notch Rd. north to MD-246 (road outside NAS Pax River Gate 2), then 246 to Willow Rd back home. Hills in the first 2 miles, another one near the end of Three Notch.

Option 2: Drill Hall 10: North Willow Rd. to 246, then to NAS Gate 1 onto Pax River, run Buse Rd to Cedar Point Rd. to Drill Hall Fitness Center, then run to Tate Rd. to the 5-mile turnaround point (wherever that may be) and back. Downhill/uphill stretch from Gate 1 to Drill Hall and back out. Note: I have not run on base all year.

Option 3: Little Face 10: South Willow/HWY-5 to Sheetz, run around Sheetz via Great Mills Rd, then a loop of the parking lot between Little Flower School and Holy Face Church, then back the way I came up to Abberly Crest main road. Lots of hills on this one.

I did my light circuit today (2 cycles, lighter weights) and made up my 45 minute fartlek. Good thing about doing the fartlek on the Abberly Crest main road is, I get my interval training and work out on the incline/decline. Aside from running four minutes and jogging one, I also practice looking up and working as I run uphill, and driving the arms and legs as I run downhill.

Whatever I choose tomorrow, that will be my last double-digit run before the Marine Corps Marathon. I’d like to finish the week maintaining my 11:30 pace if I can. Not sure that working the hills tomorrow will help. Also, I managed to forget to buy another Gu packet; tomorrow I’ll have to just suck an extra ounce-plus of Mio water at the eight mile mark instead of my customary Gu/Mio combo, which I take every four miles.

Oh, look…it just turned 10:00 P.M. Past my bedtime already. Oh, and I need to find my FlipBelt before tomorrow.

Song of the Day: “Life in a Northern Town”/Dream Academy. Such a nice tune before bedtime.

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