MCM 2018/T-minus 24:Skin

I used to post this blog on the Marine Corps Marathon, along with YouTube videos for my  Songs of the Day. About two weeks ago, one of the moderators for the Facebook page asked me to stop posting the videos; too much work for the moderators, and the songs weren’t really “marathon related.” On Sunday, I posted a selfie with a caption saying something snarky about my blog. On Monday I got another request from another moderator, asking me to stop posting my blog on their page, because you’re not supposed to self promote.

In other words, I went from having no complaints in three months to being an obnoxious asshole the last week of September. I see the moderators’ point, and it’s their page to run, not mine. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t a little bummed out, as well as a little pissed at them for being so petty and me for not reading/understanding their rules. being put off as I was, I worked out yesterday morning but didn’t post anything last night.

I only had one beer at the Marine Corps league meeting on Tuesday night, and I didn’t get to bed until after midnight. I woke up at 0430 to go run, but didn’t get out of bed until 0440. At 0445, I decided to go back to sleep and run later in the day. I ended up getting out of bed at 0730, bummed out and tired for most of the day.

I went running just after 5:30 p.m. (or 1730 to be consistent with military time). I wanted to run the NAS Gate 1 five-miler today. The last time I ran this, I adjusted the course to turn around at the intersection leading into Gate 1 instead of running to the Gate 1 guardshack (downhill) and back out the Gate 1 road towards home (upward). I also finished by going up the hill leading to the Abberly Crest main road, then going down the hill to my usual south Willows Road starting point and back up the hill to finish.

The weather was fine, and my pace was okay, until I tripped over a thin metal ring and fell just outside of the intersection to Gate 1. I scraped both knees pretty bad, but no damage to my ligaments, cartilage, or anything like that. I ran back home with no major pain and without any more incidents.

I finished just over an hour, running a twelve minute pace. I had no stopwatch today, and I haven’t gone over MapMyRun yet (finished at 1830, and it’s almost 220 as I type this). I’m not in any real pain; the most I got was some stinging when I applied iodine over my skinned knees). However, I had to make a run to Rite Aid to get some actual bandages that would fit on and stick to my kneecaps. My two bandaged knees will be a reminder to pat attention to the road when I run. here’s hoping I don’t get swollen and infected knees later this week.

Other random things I’m bummed/cranky/pissed about:

  1. Kavanaugh. This whole thing is bullshit. It’s not about whether he sexually assaulted/raped a teenage girl over thirty years ago, or whether he lied about it, or even if he’s fit as a judge or a citizen to sit on the Supreme Court. It’s all about Row v. Wade, Planned Parenthood, and the right to kill your unborn child because it’s too inconvenient because the babaymommy and baby daddy couldn’t agree to using a condom when they had sex.
  2. Cubs season over before Columbus Day. The Chicago Cubs had a 4~5 game lead over the Milwaukee Brewers going into the Labor day weekend. Since then they dropped four of the last six regular season games to the Brewers, each of the Cubs’ starting pitchers laid an egg during the month of September, and the Cubs’ bats became ice-cold in the last week of the regular season. Last three games against St Louis (won), Milwaukee (lost the division in the playoff), and Colorado (lost the Wild card Game to end the season): 31 innings, four runs, twelve hits.
  3. When I started following the Cubs at the tender age of 11 years old, I never thought i would see the day when they would win four straight playoff berths, three straight division titles (up your, Brewers). and a World Series. 95-69? I’d take it any year, but knowing what might have been had the Cubs not gone south in September…yeah, no.


Songs of the Day: The Rolling Stones. “It’s Only Rock and Roll” was playing just I was stepping out the door to go run and eventually skin both my knees. Their promotional video from the 70s, with Mick, Keith and Co. dressed in US Navy sailor’s whites (complete with Petty Officer crows and not-so-regulation necklaces), was classic.

“Undercover of the Night” and “She Was Hot” were the lead singles off their 80s album “Undercover.” People like to say that Tattoo You, the album prior to Undercover, was the last great Stones album…I beg to differ.


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